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S’Estanyol is an undisturbed small-scale cove surrounded by rocky cliffs and jungle-like greenery on the southeast seaboard of the island of Ibiza. It is so secluded that it makes it the best place to go for those looking for serenity and quiet. It has clear water with perfect temperature and every part of the sea is ideal for snorkeling and checking out for hidden underwater caves.

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Type: Fine pale sand & rocky water edges.

S’Estanyol is located in the municipality of Santa Eularia des Riu the third largest town in Ibiza and it is near the resort of Talamanca and 2.9 km west of Jesus.

The size is 50 meters in length and 30 meters in width. Some parts of the cove consist of light fine sand but the edge of the shoreline is made of boulders. It is best to use the long wooden plank or pier to get to the water, which is clear and pure.

On the left hand side of the cove, there are higher rocks and a several huts housing fishing boats. Nudist can be seen on this side of the beach as the privacy here is beyond compare. Entering the water from this area is also possible but bathing shoes must be worn at all times.

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunbeds
  • Parasols
  • Parking


How to get there:

Geo: 38º9238860 N / 1º4865936 E

This hidden sanctuary can only be reached by car or bicycle due to its off beaten track location. It is 10 minutes drive from Ibiza town and about 30 minutes drive to San Antonio. To get here, drive through the town of Jesus and turn right behind the church of església de la Mare de Déu de Jesús. Continue to the main street through the village and turn left once the word S’estanyol handwritten on a rock is spotted.  Continue through the winding dirt road until you catch sight of the word PK2 or Cala Bonita put in writing on a blue rock on the right. Take this right hand turn and at the very end just behind the beach there is a very small carpark free of charge.

Did you know?

Santa Eularia des Riu is the only town in Ibiza that has a river which flows into the sea at the western end of the town.

The reason why there are not many people that comes here is due to its off beaten track location. But this secluded beach is a favorite choice of celebrities due to its incomparable privacy.

What to see:

Aside from the underwater caves and beautiful fine forests, you can also explore the small village of Jesús and visit the oldest church on the island.

What to do:

Snorkeling is one of the greatest options to do in this beach as the water is unclouded making it perfect to look for hidden rocky caves underwater and admire the beautiful marine life. And if you are lucky, you might just find a chest of hidden treasures too. Just kidding!

If you are more into a laid back activity and not into underwater caves hunting, paddle boarding is a great option too. This activity is perfect for the calm and serene waters of S’estanyol.

But, if you are feeling a little bit adventurous and wants to burn some calories too for your drop dead gorgeous beach body, hike to Talamanca around the coastal cliffs and when you feel tired, you can take a rest under the beautiful fine forests.

Swimming and sunbathing of course is the choice of the many when they go to the beach. S’estanyol is one of the best places to do it as it gives you this peaceful feeling knowing that this beach is not as noisy and busy as the others. The restaurant also provides sun loungers, parasols and umbrellas for sunbathers.


Where to eat:


Cala Bonita

Cala Bonita – is the only restaurant in this hidden cove. It has a sophisticated yet homely space features, a bar and first-rate cocktails and a gorgeous terrace.  They serve Mediterranean dishes with fascinating twists, fresh seafood, paellas and salads like quinoa with burrata, vegetarian friendly diet and gluten free options. It also has a DJ booth, playing modern Balearic or house music. The music for sure adds up to the great vibes while in this beach.

Address: Playa de s’Estanyol, s/n, 07819, Balearic Islands, Spain

Opening Hours: May vary

Phone: +34 605 45 05 92

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Where to stay?

Though this small beach doesn’t have any hotel or accommodations, there are plenty of options in its neighboring beach. The closest beach with accommodation is in Talamanca and Jesús. The options are Nobu Hotel, facing the bay with amazing indoor design, Hostal Talamanca, a laid-back budget hotel also facing the Mediterranean Sea and some in Jesús.


Don’t confuse this small cove with the large beach Playa de S’estanyol in San Antonio.