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Top 10 Ibizadvisor Mixology Cocktails

By: Ibizadvisor.net & Diario de Ibiza

Welcome, cocktail lovers and curious sippers, to a world where art and science merge with delectable delight. We’re about to embark on a journey that will take us to the top ten venues on the breathtaking island of Ibiza, each one offering a unique signature cocktail born out of expert mixology. 

The art of mixology is a nuanced blend of flavor mastery, inventive spirit, and scientific precision. It is more than just mixing spirits and additives. It’s about understanding the very essence of each ingredient, how they interact, and using that knowledge to create a symphony in a glass. It requires a deep appreciation for the delicate balance of flavors and the boldness to redefine the boundaries of what a cocktail can be.

As we explore these stunning Ibiza venues, we’ll discover the vibrant, sun-soaked atmosphere that each location offers, and dive into the creativity and craftsmanship behind their signature cocktails. From innovative techniques and unexpected flavor pairings to the science behind the perfect balance and presentation, these cocktails represent the pinnacle of mixology on this enchanting island.

So, raise your glasses high, and prepare your senses for an extraordinary journey across Ibiza, one magnificent mixology masterpiece at a time. Welcome to our top ten Ibiza cocktails by Ibizadvisor and Diario de Ibiza.


Perched on the slope of a Mediterranean mountain, halfway between the bustling Ibiza and the charming Sant Josep, lies the legendary venue of Cova Santa. Steeped in history, this mystical hideaway whispers tales of pirates, holy men, and a colorful procession of civilizations that have sought its refuge. Today, Cova Santa marries its rich past with the modern flair of Ibiza, presenting an unforgettable fusion of fine gastronomy and exhilarating parties under the star-studded sky. From the groovy beats echoing through its natural cave to the heavenly dishes served in its restaurant, Cova Santa offers an experience that resonates with the magical spirit of Ibiza.

**The Bubble**

As the sun dips into the horizon, adding a shimmering veil to the surrounding seascape, there is no better companion than Cova Santa’s signature cocktail, ‘The Bubble‘. Crafted with finesse by the venue’s expert mixologists, this rum-based elixir is a tasteful blend of sweet and refreshing elements. Delicate pumpkin syrup melds with tangy kiwi puree and the zesty kick of lime juice, presenting a cocktail that is as invigorating as an Ibizan summer day. However, what sets The Bubble apart is its finishing touch – a smoked bubble of grapefruit that playfully bursts to add a hint of citrusy smokiness, making every sip a sensory delight. Experience The Bubble, and let its enchanting flavours encapsulate your Ibizan sojourn in a magical bubble of its own.

#2. Innside by Mélia Rooftop Nine

ibiza cocktails

Experience the epitome of an Ibiza summer at Innside by Mélia’s Rooftop Nine, where the world’s most famous sunset unfolds right before your eyes. This bright beach hotel, adorned with designer furniture and vibrant details, offers a captivating mix of healthy food, natural juices, and delicious cocktails right on the beach. Yet the crowning glory of this beachside retreat is undoubtedly Rooftop Nine.

Perched high above San Antonio Bay, Rooftop Nine provides an unparalleled platform for viewing Ibiza’s legendary sunsets. Run by a two Michelin-starred chef and supplied by the 56 hectares of Mediterranean countryside that is Terra Masia, Rooftop Nine not only offers a visual feast but also a culinary journey that is rooted in sustainability and local produce. Terra Masia’s biodynamic bounty is transformed into a vibrant menu of smoothies, juices, organic lemonades, and iced teas by day, and an assortment of handcrafted cocktails, including exclusive creations featuring Terra Masia’s own gin, by night.

**Roof Sunset**

The star of the show at Rooftop Nine is the ‘Roof Sunset’, a cocktail that mirrors the majesty of Ibiza’s sunsets. This tropical blend of white and aged rum forms the base of this luscious cocktail. Its robust character is softened by the sweetness of passion fruit and mango, creating a balanced harmony of flavors. The addition of ginger ale introduces a sparkling twist, resulting in a cocktail that is as effervescent as the rooftop vibes.

As you sip on the ‘Roof Sunset’, let the vibrant flavors dance on your palate, mirroring the captivating hues of the setting sun. The ‘Roof Sunset’ is more than just a cocktail; it’s a celebration of Ibiza’s spirit – vibrant, vivacious, and absolutely unforgettable.

#3. Pershing Yacht Terrace

Pershing Yacht Terrace

Embark on a culinary and mixological journey unlike any other at Pershing Yacht Terrace. A beautiful blend of modern Asian cuisine and Spanish tapas bar vibes, it is the brainchild of an exclusive partnership between 7Pines and Pershing Yachts. Perched on the cliff of Ibiza’s west coast, this stunning venue echoes the sleek design of a luxury motor yacht, complete with teakwood floors and uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea and the mystic rock of Es Vedrà.

Pershing Yacht Terrace is not just about aesthetics. The heart of the place beats in its innovative menu, which features a bounty of fresh seafood, oysters, tiraditos, and ceviche from the raw bar. Think revamped classics like Wagyu Tataki or Chili Lobster – each dish offering a burst of modern Asian flavors focused on high-quality ingredients. As DJs or live music performances add to the ambiance, it truly becomes a place where the good life is tasted and savored.


One cannot talk about Pershing Yacht Terrace without mentioning ‘Es Vedrà’, the star of its creative cocktail menu. A tribute to the enigmatic rock formation visible from the terrace, this sour and refreshing cocktail captures the very essence of Ibiza. Crafted with Roku Gin, Kumquat liqueur, lemon, sage, and topped with a luxurious pomegranate foam and grapefruit soda, ‘Es Vedrà’ delivers a whirl of flavors as intriguing as its namesake. Each sip invites you to delve deeper into the cocktail’s complexity, echoing the ever-changing hues of the Mediterranean at sunset. Experience ‘Es Vedrà’ and let this masterful mix take you on an unforgettable voyage at sea, no yacht required.

#4 Above Sky Lounge @ Amnesia

Perched atop the iconic Amnesia nightclub, the Above Sky Lounge beckons you to a space that masterfully balances relaxation and exhilaration. Here, connections spark to life over Japanese-inspired gourmet snacks and an impressive assortment of handcrafted cocktails, painting a vibrant tableau of a memorable night.

While the party rages on below, the Above Sky Lounge provides a peaceful sanctuary where you can relish the energy from a comfortable distance. Recharge and refresh over delightful drinks and bites, all set against the backdrop of the endless night sky.

**High Voltage**

Showcasing the bar’s promise of an electrifying good time, Above Sky Lounge brings you the “High Voltage” – a cocktail as enticing as its name. This mixologist’s masterpiece is inspired by two favorite colours of its creator, masterfully blending Bombay Sapphire, Italicus, and Blue Curaçao – all boasting a mesmerizing blue hue – with the golden yellow tones of lime and acacia honey. The result? An almost electric-blue cocktail that titillates the palate as much as it enchants the eye.

Served in a custom lamp-shaped glass, the “High Voltage” doesn’t just contain a cocktail – it encapsulates an experience. Each sip is a testament to Above Sky Lounge’s commitment to delivering an immersive and memorable Ibiza experience. As the cocktail lights up the night, so too does the lounge illuminate your Ibiza story, one electrifying moment at a time. Welcome to Above Sky Lounge. Welcome to an elevated Ibiza experience.

#5. Aiyanna Ibiza

Aiyanna Ibiza

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of modern design, natural beauty, and bohemian luxury at Aiyanna Ibiza. Set in the enchanting Cala Nova bay, this sea-facing haven serves as a sister restaurant to the acclaimed Amante Ibiza. Adorned with wooden terraces and blessed with panoramic vistas of the shimmering Mediterranean, Aiyanna has mastered the art of laid-back luxury while seamlessly blending into its picturesque surroundings.

True to its commitment to quality and authenticity, Aiyanna Ibiza takes the dining experience to new heights. Open day and night, it offers a menu that echoes the vibrant spirit of the island. Moreover, Aiyanna isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a dreamy venue for weddings and events where understated barefoot chic meets the whimsy of Ibiza’s beachy ambiance.

**Frida Kahlo**

Among the treasure trove of delights at Aiyanna is the vivacious cocktail named after the iconic artist, ‘Frida Kahlo’. As bold and captivating as the woman it’s named after, this cocktail is a beautiful composition of flavors. Reposado tequila forms the strong, fiery base, balanced by the refreshing sweetness of watermelon and the exotic tang of passion fruit. The addition of triple sec and a twist of lime elevates the drink’s citrus notes, while the finish with a rim of black salt adds an unexpected yet delightful edge. Much like Kahlo’s unforgettable art, this cocktail offers a sensory experience that leaves a lasting impression. Savor the ‘Frida Kahlo’ at Aiyanna, and let its vibrant mix mirror the magic of a balmy evening in Ibiza.


#6. Maymanta

Take a gastronomic journey from the sun-drenched shores of Ibiza to the rich culinary heritage of Peru at Maymanta. Helmed by the acclaimed young chef Omar Malpartida, this restaurant crowns the rooftop terrace of a beautiful hotel, offering an exquisite fusion of Peruvian flavors and a stunning view of the Mediterranean’s unrivaled sunsets.

At Maymanta, it’s all about sharing and relishing the extraordinary. The menu is a treasure trove of Peruvian delights, featuring a unique blend of Tapeo Criollo, National Picoteo, Anticuchos, Ceviches, Tiraditos, and specialties from the Punto Humo (woks and grill). Whether you’re savoring the tang of Salmon with tiger milk or delighting in the delicate Causa of lobster, every dish embodies Chef Malpartida’s love for his homeland and its flavors.

**Fiero Spritz Tropical**

Crowning the Maymanta experience is the ‘Fiero Spritz Tropical’, a cocktail that captures the soul of Peru and the spirit of Ibiza in a glass. This tantalizing concoction is a vibrant blend of Martini Fiero, tart lime juice, sweet passion fruit syrup, and the lively zing of ginger beer. Together, these ingredients create a refreshing, fizzy cocktail that reflects the effervescence of the island and the warmth of Peruvian hospitality. Take a sip of the ‘Fiero Spritz Tropical’ as the sun sets, and you’ll truly understand what Maymanta is all about – an unforgettable journey of taste, shared with those you love in a setting that could only be Ibiza.

#7. Villa Mercedes

Step into a world where history, romance, and gastronomy intertwine at Villa Mercedes. Set in the idyllic maritime passage of Sant Antonio, this enchanting garden villa, built in 1901, beckons visitors with its lush greenery, stunning views of the sailing port, and the promise of unforgettable culinary experiences. Villa Mercedes is more than just a place; it’s an invitation to fall in love with the Mediterranean in a whole new way.

As you cross the threshold into Villa Mercedes, you’ll be captivated by the charm of its heritage and the warmth of its welcome. Savor the rich tastes of the Mediterranean as you dine in its beautiful garden, and let the rhythmic lullaby of the nearby river transport you to a realm of serenity. From the food to the ambience, every element at Villa Mercedes is designed to make you feel at home, make you feel loved, and above all, make you fall in love with Ibiza all over again.


**The 'Micaleta**

The venue’s signature cocktail, perfectly complements the Villa Mercedes experience. This exceptional cocktail embraces the bold spirit of Mezcal Ojo De Dios café, creating a smoky foundation that sets the tone for this tantalizing drink. Coffee notes intertwine with the mezcal, adding a rich depth to the mix. This is further amplified by the coffee liqueur caleta, lending a unique, sweet complexity to the drink. Licor 43, renowned for its myriad flavors and smooth finish, seals the deal, creating a cocktail that’s as captivating as it is unique. 

The ‘Micaleta’ is a cocktail that echoes the charisma of Villa Mercedes. A harmonious blend of depth, sweetness, and complexity, it reflects the venue’s dedication to offering an unforgettable experience to every guest. As you savor this extraordinary concoction and the views it comes with, you’ll find yourself falling in love with Villa Mercedes. Here’s to a place that knows how to steal hearts, one sip at a time.

#8. Glow Rooftop at the W Hotel

Glow Breeze

Rise above the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary at Glow Rooftop, the W Ibiza’s chic and exclusive adults-only sanctuary. This unique oasis soars high above the mundane, offering a breathtaking 360-degree panorama of the sea and mountains that frame Ibiza. With its sublime sunsets, sophisticated ambience, and the beat of standout sounds, Glow Rooftop is more than just a venue – it’s a celestial experience on the island.

Glow Rooftop brings a new kind of grown-up glamour to Ibiza. As the sun dips below the horizon and the day gives way to night, this high-perched haven transforms into an enchanting paradise where signature cocktails flow, laughter echoes, and memories are made under the stars.

**Glow Breeze**

A visit to Glow Rooftop would be incomplete without savoring the ‘Glow Breeze’, a cocktail that embodies the venue’s essence. A refreshing symphony of elderflower liquor, cucumber lime cordial, and white vermouth forms its core, with a few drops of grapefruit bitters introducing a subtle citrusy twist. The addition of mint leaves enhances the drink’s refreshing character, while the garnish of mint foam adds an element of surprise.

‘Glow Breeze’ is a cocktail that stimulates the senses, mirroring the magical transformation of the Ibiza skyline as dusk falls. As you sip this invigorating cocktail, enjoy the breathtaking views that stretch out before you, and let the gentle breeze and ambient sounds further enhance your Glow Rooftop experience. Here’s to the unforgettable moments that are waiting to happen at Glow.

#9. Laylah: The Angel of The Night

laylah ibiza

In the heart of Ibiza, there’s a place that dances to a different rhythm, a place where food, music, heart, and soul unite to create an immersive experience. Welcome to Laylah, the ‘Angel of the Night,’ a restaurant and lounge bar that breaks all structures and redefines the Ibiza culinary scene.

At Laylah, global flavors take center stage, expressed innovatively through a menu of sharing plates. Each dish tells a story, showcasing a blend of cultures, tastes, and techniques. From the rich and nutty Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini & Green Chili, to the fresh and savory Grilled Artichokes with Parmesan, the spice-infused Chicken Crispy Cigars, or the zesty White Fish skewer with Ginger & Lime Salsa, Laylah takes your taste buds on a global gastronomic journey that leaves you wanting more.

**Flower & Raspberries**

Matching the eclectic culinary flair, Laylah’s cocktails are equally creative and evocative. Their signature ‘Flower & Raspberries’ is the perfect embodiment of this. Tanqueray gin, infused with vibrant hibiscus flowers, forms the robust heart of this floral delight. The addition of raspberry syrup injects a burst of fruity sweetness, which pairs beautifully with the zesty undertones of grapefruit. A dash of lavender bitter adds the final touch, rounding off this delightful cocktail with a subtle, aromatic edge.

laylah ibiza

As the ‘Flower & Raspberries’ cocktail meets your lips, you’ll taste the harmony of flavors that mirrors the enchanting ambience of Laylah. It’s a cocktail that not only satisfies the palate but also stirs the soul, much like the enchanting angel of the night herself, Laylah. So, immerse yourself in the magic, savor the moment, and let Laylah whisk you away on an unforgettable journey.

#10. Casa Maca

Imagine a sanctuary where time slows down, where the charm of the countryside merges with the allure of the Ibiza lifestyle – that’s Casa Maca. Nestled in the peaceful hills of Can Palau, this intimate, rural hotel stands as a beacon of tranquility amidst the island’s lively pulse. Yet, Casa Maca is mere minutes away from the heart of Ibiza town and the airport, making it an oasis that is as accessible as it is secluded.

The iconic Dalt Vila skyline, rolling green hills, and a breathtaking vista of the Mediterranean Sea provide the backdrop to this unique retreat. The hotel itself is a 300-year-old farmhouse, lovingly restored to preserve its architectural heritage. A preserved oil mill in the lobby pays homage to the property’s past, while a sparkling swimming pool symbolizes its future as a romantic and relaxing haven. Surrounded by almond, carob, fig, and fruit trees, along with fragrant fields of lavender, Casa Maca immerses guests in Ibiza’s beautiful nature.

**Smoked Pinarita**

Casa Maca, meaning ‘beautiful’ in the local dialect, is more than just a hotel; it’s a slice of paradise where every corner reveals new delights. Among these is the ‘Smoked Pinarita’, a cocktail that tells a tale of Ibiza’s vibrant flavors and Casa Maca’s commitment to uniqueness. 

An intoxicating blend of 7 Misterios mezcal forms the smoky base of this exotic cocktail, its fiery character tempered by sweet, smoked pineapple syrup. A splash of orange liqueur introduces a citrus twist, while fresh lime juice adds a zesty kick. The ‘Smoked Pinarita’ is not just a cocktail; it’s an embodiment of Casa Maca’s spirit – vibrant, authentic, and irresistibly charming. Sip this exquisite concoction as you take in the views, and feel the magic of Casa Maca wash over you.

Each cocktail is a testament to the creativity, innovation, and passion for craft that these mixologists pour into every glass, creating experiences that are as memorable as the stunning locales they’re served in.

Ibiza vibrant cocktail culture

However, our exploration of Ibiza’s mixology scene barely scratches the surface. The island’s vibrant cocktail culture is ever-evolving, with new combinations of flavors and techniques being discovered every day. So, we encourage you to venture out, sample these and more, and please, when you do, tag @ibizadvisor and let us know your thoughts on those marvelous cocktails! 

Here’s to unforgettable sunsets, to the clink of glasses, and to the spirit of Ibiza that’s captured in each cocktail. Salud!

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