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Platja des Cavallet

Platja des Cavallet

Platja des Cavallet

Es Cavallet beach is a beautiful pure landscape backed by pines and dunes and is part of Ses Salines Natural Park. It is very clean and quiet, no hotels nor towering buildings are seen in this beach, sabina trees dance with the wind in the dunes surrounding the coast giving a surreal picture to this golden spot.

It is known mainly, because it was the first official nudist beach in Ibiza and a popular meeting point for the gay community. This beach is very gay friendly; people can breathe the freedom as nobody judges here. It is not an exclusive nudist beach as everybody can enjoy the fresh air, the soft white sand, the restaurants, the clear sea and the beautiful views over to Ibiza town and Formentera.

Identity card:

Type: Sandy Beach, Some rocky points. Shallow

Es Cavallet is a long wide beach; it’s around 1 kilometer in length and 40 meters in width. It is not so crowded and comparably secluded in high season perfect for reading and relaxing after a long night out. It’s easy to find a place to lie down and feel the sun, the sand is white and soft on the shore and the bottom, the water is shallow but rocky in some areas.


There are three restaurants, but only two have sunbeds and parasols for rent. From July to August, the sun is too hot; heatstroke could happen.

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunbeds
  • Parasols
  • Parking
  • Showers
  • Toilettes
  • Lifeguards
  • Access for the disables
  • Hotels
  • Water sports
  • Water activities
  • Bus stop

How to get there:

Geo: 38.840411N / 1.402976E

Es Cavallet is around 13 kilometers from the city’s most central location, Dalt Vila. A taxi from there is approximately €15, and the bus line L11 or L11B Eivissa – Ses Salines stops near the beach road. The shore from the bus stop is 700 meters away or 15 minutes walk away.

If you drive from Ibiza Town, the main road through the airport has a roundabout marked direction Ses Salines, take this road forward, pass the salt marshes in the right, few meters after is a sharp curve with a sign indicating the way to the Es Cavallet beach. From the airport is 8 kilometers to Ibiza town direction.

Did you know?

There is a ferris wheel at the entrance of the beach used in old-times to fill the ponds with water connected to the salt marshes. The name Es Cavallet means “horse” in Ibizan dialect and the interesting thing is, it was a horse who’s in charge of spinning the Ferris wheel.

It was in 1978 when Es Cavallet became an official nudist beach; it was one of the pioneers in Spain. Today, it is one of the most famous nude beaches in the world. This beach is away from the partying crowds and workers selling club tickets so you can stay here and wont feel hassled. In the high season it is nice and calm and is not crowded, this is the reason why the gays and the nudists come to enjoy the freedom.


What to see:

Es Cavallet is on the Ses Salines Natural Park, around this beach, mainly is natural zone. So, first of all, what you can enjoy is the fresh air, the native species and the turquoise Mediterranean Sea.

As this beach is large, you can take a nice walk to a 3 kilometer trekking route, ending on the end part of Ses Salines beach. Along the way is the Ses Portes Tower, a beautiful viewpoint equidistant between the shores of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet. The tower was built in 1749 as part of the defensive system against pirate incursions. It was one of the first defense towers on the island, together with the one located on the Formentera islet: S’Espalmador to protect the salt ponds, creating a crossfire and prevent any enemy’s vessel to advance. Ses Portes Tower is the closest point to the paradisiac Formentera, from where you can learn how both islands separated millions of years ago.

From the Ses Portes Tower, you can continue walking by the coast until Ses Salines beach. A mesmerizing walk with views of Sabine trees, dunes, turquoise sea and many caves to lie down, snorkel or take a dip from. This part is called Cala Pluma meaning: Feather cave.

On the Ses Salines road, few kilometers before the Es Cavallet entrance, is the parish of Sant Francesc, next to the church is the Interpretation Center of the Natural Park of Ses Salines where you can learn more about the Ibiza salt history, the native flora, and fauna.

What to do:

There are no water sports in Es Cavallet unlike Playa d’en Bossa, but we recommend snorkeling when the sea is clear, the Mediterranean seabed shows its jewels.

The only business to find here are the restaurants: La Escollera, El Chiringuito, and Chiringay.

Next to the parking are the restaurants La Escollera and El Chiringuito, this first area is familiar. El Chiringuito offers sunbeds, parasols, massages, beach volleyball net, chill-out music DJs every afternoon. At the further end is the last beach restaurant Chiringay. The atmosphere around it is lively and free, as its name suggests. Remember that this is a nudist beach, where respect is a significant flag.


Where to eat:

As already mentioned, on this beach, you have three restaurants; all have tasty cuisine and drinks to choose from.


La Escollera

La Escollera kitchen is cooking the best paella for over 20 years like the Ibizan grandma used to make it. You can also taste the authentic Spanish and Mediterranean-influenced cuisine, including seafood and prime cuts of meat. Note that there are hardly any food choices for vegetarians here. La Escollera is open almost all year with locals frequently seen here. It also has a panoramic view of Formentera island and Ses Portes tower.

Address: Playa Es Cavallet, 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Illes Balears, Spain.

Opening Hours: Every day from 12:00 to 19:00

Phone: +34 971 39 65 72

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El Chiringuito

The beach restaurant El Chiringuito has an enviable position; part of its terrace is soft white sand. For oven ten seasons, this spot has won the hearts of tourists and locals, not only for its delicious menu and the cocktail bar, but also for its relaxed atmosphere, its comfortable sunbeds, the massage service provided and the atmosphere created by the groovy and chill music of the DJs.

Address: Playa Es Cavallet, 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Illes Balears, Spain

Opening Hours: Every day from 10:00 to 21:00

Phone: + 34 971 39 53 55

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Chiringay is a cozy beach bar and restaurant in the middle of Es Cavallet beach. A gay-friendly place with relaxed atmosphere from the DJs music, the Bali beads, the kind staff are the reasons to come here. The menu and the drinks are of great quality.

Address: Playa Es Cavallet, 07817 Sant Jordi de ses Salines, Illes Balears, Spain 

Opening Hours: Every day from 10:00 to 21:00

Phone: + 34 971 59 95 08

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What about drinks and hotels?

For drinks, you already know about the three restaurants on this beach, where the bars offer a high quality of cocktails, Spanish sangría or tinto de verano, fresh beer and excellent wines.

For shopping, option is next to the Chiringuito restaurant. There is a beautiful beach boutique called Cool Chiringuito on the parking area, where you find trendy and unique beach clothes, bikinis, handbags, bracelets, dresses, t-shirts, etc.

Where to stay, the nearest accommodation is in Playa d’en Bossa at 3 kilometers away. Here you have all kinds of housing: the luxurious Hard Rock Hotel, the Ushuaïa Hotel, Grand Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort. As well as tourist apartments, all-inclusive hotels: Hotel Garbi Ibiza, Ibiza Sun Apartments, The Ibiza Twiins, Hotel Playa Sol Bossa Flow, Jet Apartments, etc.


During the summer the entrance to this beach is busy at midday, we recommend you arrive early as sometimes there is a traffic jam. Be patient in finding your parking place, this paradise is worth it.

Probably the sunbeds and the parasols are booked in high season, bring your umbrella and water, in the summer, as the sun is intense.