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Ibiza Weather all year

Ibiza Weather all year

Discover the fascinating ibiza weather of all year


Wondering what’s the Ibiza weather like in January? January is considered the coldest month of the year in Ibiza. The temperature could go as low as 9°C and the average maximum temperature lies around 15.0°C with the average daily temperature of 12°C. This climate is very ideal for people who loves warmer winter.
During this month, Ibiza gets rain showers and cool temperatures but still gets an average of 7 hours of sunshine daily. Rainfall is not abundant but is still best to bring waterproof rain jacket, and it is best to wear layers of clothes or sweatshirts during the day and wear boots, scarves and coats during the night.
January is not considered the best month to go for a swim as the water temperature gets really cold reaching 14°C.


Just like in the month of January, the Ibiza weather in February is also considered as the one of the coldest months. The average temperatures are between 10°C to 15°C with sea temperature of 14.4°C.
Although the sea temperature might be too frigid to plunge in, there are other activities available to do if you want to experience the Ibiza sea during your winter getaway. Activities like kayaking and paddling are always a great idea.
Rainfall and thunderstorms occurs, but Ibiza is still delighted with an average of 8 hours of sunshine a day which again gives you an opportunity to do other activities like taking a stroll, cycling, climbing and practicing yoga in a perfect weather. With that being said, Ibizadvisor still advices you to bring your fashionable warm coats, boots and waterproof jackets when you go in the month of February. During this cold month everything is way much cheaper than in the summer.
Other interesting thing about Ibiza in the month of February is, many people gathers to witness the magnificent Almond blossom in the Valley of Santa Ines, where the moonlight reflects on the almond blossom and creates a magical reflection just like a dreamy night sky. It signifies rebirth and the coming of spring season.


In the month of March, Ibiza weather starts to become warmer as spring time is getting closer! The average daily temperature starts off at around 13°C-14°C. and slowly rises up towards the end of the month. Moderate rain showers are also present for about 4 days in March with an average of 9 hours of sunshine per day.
An umbrella is always essentials when it comes to months where rain showers occur. A tee-shirt or light sweatshirt will do during the day and during the night as the temperature gets a little bit colder, a coat and a jacket paired with slip on shoes and sneakers will do.
This perfect weather gives you a lot of things to do, just like celebrating the Flower Power fiesta of the small village in San Jose. The town of San Antonio also celebrate its annual Pintxa San Antonio. The Pintxa is a competition between the local bars who offer a pintxo plus a soft drink, beer or wine or tapa plus drink, the customers then vote for their most favorite bar. Pinxto is a mini appetizer transfix with a cocktail stick and set out on a piece of bread.


It’s spring time! The average daily temperature has increased to 15-16°C, now that’s better than the previous month’s temperature. Odd rains are still present of course and the sea water temperature has gone up to 15°C which is, still not a very enticing temperature to go for a swim but if you can’t wait to wear your bikini (like we do), that’s not a problem coz now Ibiza gets an average of 10 hours of sunlight each day. Perfect for a relaxing sunbathing with a breath taking view. But, if you think you will say pass on the sea water coz it’s just too bone-chilling, the best option is to seek comfort of a heated indoor pool.
Be informed also that Ibiza gets constant cloud cover on some days in the month of April. There can also be some quite powerful gusts of wind so don’t forget to wear layers of clothes and a stylist scarf. In additional, since rain is expected, you may also want to bring waterproof rain jackets and boots.
The number of tourists coming to Ibiza are increasing and different types of flowers like bright red poppies, shiny yellow buttercups, Shasta or giant daisies, colorful bougainvillea, forget me not or scorpion grasses and many other beautiful flowering plants are starting to bloom the surroundings of the island.



Ibiza clubs come to life once again! Unlease your inner party animal as the superclubs kicks off the season with the biggest opening parties throughout the island! Pool parties, heavy techno music, electronic dance music, underground music, whatever it is you are into, rest assured that there are plenty of places for you to go in Ibiza. Check out our Ibizadvisor’s party calendar for more party info and to buy your tickets to the major clubs and parties.
For weather updates, the average daily high temperature is from 20°C at the start of the month to 24°C by the end. Although the weather is warm and sunny, throughout the month, Ibiza still receives rainfall with an average of 28mm for 7 days so an umbrella is a must.
For the swimmers, the average sea temperature gets to 18°C which is warmer comparing to the previous months. Although this temperature is still considered a little bit cold, some people are already wallowing in in the sunny beach of Ibiza as the island receives an average of 12 hours of sunshine each day.
Ibizadvisor advices tourists to pack sweatshirts or light jackets as the weather usually gets colder in the evening and cold breeze is expected. Of course, more importantly, don’t forget to pack your beach wears and party clothes.
The Medieval Festival Ibiza is being held every year during the second weekend in the month of May in Dalt Vila (the most central location in Ibiza). This event is free for everyone.



It’s finally summer time in Ibiza, yay! During this month, the number of tourist is starting to shoot up but the beaches and hotels are not yet as congested. The average maximum temperature now lies around 25.0°C and 11 hours of impressive sun shine each day! June weather can be summarized as warm and dry but rare rain showers are still present and typically spread over 5 days.
The sea water temperature is around 21°C, still a little bit cold just like in the month of May but again, you can always wear your bikini and enjoy a pleasant sunny day at the beach without going into the water. Or actually, a quick dip will do coz it’s just so hard to resist the impeccable turquoise shallow sea water of Ibiza!
Since the month of June has longer hours of sun per day, the sun usually sets around 9 in the evening. One of the best places to watch the sunset is in Cala Benirras. Not only this place has a jaw-dropping sunset, every Sunday a drum party is being celebrated where a lot of people gather to watch the sunset and the people playing drums. During this month, summer clothing like skirts, shorts and t-shirts can be worn during the day, and in the evening don’t forget to bring a warm jacket, cardigan and as it still gets a little breezy in the evening.



If January is considered the coldest month of the year in Ibiza, July has a perfect title too! Well, it’s the driest month of year! Pretty interesting isn’t it? Well, that means, when you travel to Ibiza in the month of July, you will only experience very seldom rain showers and thunderstorm.
The average maximum temperature lies around 26°C during the first few days and gradually increases by the end of the month to 29°C with an average sea temperature of 24°C. A great deal of clear blue skies are pretty much guaranteed with an average of 13 hours of sunlight per day! Now, those temperatures are perfect for lengthy sunbathing and swimming in one of Ibiza’s finest beaches! So, apply that sunscreen, put on that fashionable beachwear, flaunt that enchanting bikini and go get that tan!
In the month of July, Las Dalias, a very popular, vibrant and colourful event every Saturday in San Carlos welcomes thousands of visitors. Hundreds of stalls of jewelries, decorations, handcrafted materials, fabulous fashion are all over the place. This is a sensational thing to experience in the summer of Ibiza! If you are feeling lazy to pack a heavy bag on the way to the island, no worries, coz you can just find anything you need to wear for the summer! But keep in mind that the clubs in Ibiza are officially open so pack your party clothes and high heels! Include your sunglasses, sleeveless tops, t-shirts, skirts and shorts as it could get really hot during the day. So, there you go! You are all set to your Ibiza adventures! Enjoy!



From the driest month of the year here comes the hottest month of the year with 13 hours of sunshine per day! Daily high temperatures for the month start off at 30°C and gradually decrease to 29°C by the end of the month. The third week of the month is considered the hottest in Ibiza! The island has around 9mm of rainfall divided between four days throughout the month with very rare precipitation.
The average sea temperature for Ibiza in August is 26°C which is hotter than in the month of July, so don’t forget your beach essentials! A hat and a glam pair of sunnies, sunscreen cream and of course that swimwear you’ve been so eager to wear! Your party outfit are just as important as your beach essentials, during the night in the month of August, it can get really warm and sticky. Avoid wearing jeans and pack that skirt and sleeveless top for the ladies and shorts and t-shirt for the gents. Of course, you didn’t go to Ibiza if you didn’t go to one of its clubs, so put that form fitting dress and a pair of high heels in your luggage too!
An important reminder to those who wants to visit Ibiza in the month of August though, flights should be book in advance as the prices gets kinda steep as during this time a good number of tourists come to Ibiza.



If you are looking for a more laid back summer with a good crowd in the beach, then the best month for you to visit Ibiza is the month of September. The island is still busy but not as much as the previous months and the accommodate rates and flights are cheaper too during this month.
The average maximum temperature lies around 27.0°C and the average minimum temperature is 19°C during the night. The sea temperature remains enjoyable for a swim at 24°C. Thunderstorms are popular in the month of September.
Running shoes and sandals are necessary for hiking or sight seeing. You can wear shorts during the day and strappy top and a comfortable loose t-shirt and don’t forget to apply that sunscreen. Generally, in the month of September it’s sunny and warm but have your water proof jacket ready in case you get caught by the rain. Be guided also that during this month thunderstorms are quite popular.
On the 29th of September, the town of Sant Miquel in the north of the island celebrates festivals where the island’s tradition and music groups set the pace. which consisted of a small sample of handicraft and clothes in the street market and a lot of dancing.



The summer season in Ibiza begins to end and it’s closing party! We are down to the wettest month and fifth warmest month of the year! The amount of rain in October is normal with an average of 66mm spread in about 6 days. The island is still significantly warm indulging 8 hours of sun each day with an average daily temperature of 25°C and a pleasant 21.5°C in the evening. The sea water is still relatively warm at 24°C still perfect for a swim and other water activities. At night, cold breeze may be experienced so bring a cardigan or a long sleeves shirt.
The amount of tourist has gone down in the month of October which means its such a great time to enjoy the silent and uncrowded beach of the island. The weather is quite unpredictable though, so its good to pack clothes for different weathers. Beach wear, linen t-shirts, strappy tops, pants, skirts, jumper and shorts are essential. Let’s add the rain coat in there too actually.
There are so many activities available for you to do if you want to leave the beach for the mean time. Cycling, kayaking and taking a walk to the islands world heritage site Dalt Vila. Avoid sailing as the wind during this month sometimes badly affects the boat anchored ashore.
For closing party schedules, check out



It’s autumn in Ibiza! The party island has become quieter as the party crowd descends and it has also become colder. The daily average temperature in Ibiza is 16°C with highs of 19°C at the warmest part of the day. November is considered the 6th coldest month of the year. At that time of year, you can expect 50 mm of atmospheric precipitation during the whole month in Ibiza.
During this month, you have to pack warmer clothes or a jacket for the cold evenings.
With 6 hours of sunshine each day, the average sea temperature for November is 19°C. A day at the beach for sunbathing is still a good idea, but it might be too cold for a swim. The sun sets between 5:30PM and 6:00PM in November. In the fourth week of the month, we advise you to wear warm clothing as the island experience rain and thunderstorm too.
Ibiza is not just about parties and beaches. Every Saturday from 10am to 4pm, at the very heart of Ibiza, between San Rafael and Santa Ines, the Market of Forada, one of the most authentic markets on the island offers local, artisan and organic products, with paella at popular prices. There is music, some endearing plastic tables and chairs, tasty healthy snacks and fresh aloe vera juice from Casita Verde.Forada has everything you need without the overflowing overwhelm of some other markets.



It’s winter Christmas time! The average temperature for December has gone down to 13°C with highs of 16°C at the warmest part of the day and wind is light breeze. At this time of the year, you can expect 44 mm of atmospheric precipitation during the whole month, so everyone should be prepared for rain. the average sea temperature for Ibiza in December is At 17°C. Unfortunately, this is considered to be too cold for most people to enjoy a dip in the sea.
The weather tends to be cool and slightly cloudy around Christmas, but, you’ll still see an average of 10 daylight hours per day. The sun sets between 5:34 PM and 5:41 PM. In the evening, it is best to wear a warm coat, warmer layer or a jacket, boots or sneakers and scarves. During the day coats or warm jumper and waterproof rain jacket are necessary just in case of rain. Some days or part of the day it will be nice and warm and some moments it can be a bit chilly. So, its good to be always prepared.
During this month, most people from all over the world are starting to get busy for the Christmas season. But, its different in Ibiza. Christmas is subtle in the island but a perfect place to spend some family time, no busy malls just a couple of Christmas markets everywhere, no crowded beaches and its easy to find parking.
Wherever you plan to spend your Christmas holiday, Ibizadvisor wishes you a happy Christmas!