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Ibiza Secret Beaches

Ibiza Secret Beaches

Secret Beaches of Ibiza

When thoughts of summer vacation come to mind, we think of a relaxing day somewhere serene and peaceful just feeling the refreshing summer breeze without dealing with the crowds even during the peak of summer.

However, in the world we live in today where travelling is made easy, getting a beach to yourself seems quite impossible unless you are willing to go a little bit extra to achieve that peaceful retreat you’ve been dreaming of. Sometimes the reason a beach is secluded is simply because of hard access. It involves a challenging trek in a worn out track, but, if you love the beach and adventures at the same time, then achieving a private relaxation will not be a challenge at all.

So let’s go get that adrenaline rush pumping and let this hidden beach escapade begin as Ibizadvisor takes you to these 3 secret beaches that you will for sure fall in love with.


Plato, also known as the father of idealism was an Athenian philosopher who is one of the well recognized and most frequently read and researched philosophers and the first one who wrote about the legend of Atlantis. According to him, the founders of Atlantis were half human and half god and this island had precious metals like gold and silver as well as abundant fauna. In the center of the island is where you will find its capital city. It was a perfect world but it was all taken away when the gods became angry at them for being greedy and for violating core moral values and commitments. And as a punishment, the gods sent fire and earthquakes which drove Atlantis to sink into the sea.

Many believed that the lost city of Atlantis is somewhere near Ibiza coast. So, when the hippies found this hidden beach, they turned it into their meeting place to perform their purification ceremony as they believe that the flat rocks had something to do with the lost city. Although this small cove in Cala d’Hort is dreamy and magical, Atlantis’ beautiful stone quarry was said to have been mined to build the walls of Ibiza, Dalt Vila and the Castillo de Ibiza. The outcome is actually breathtaking as it created the beautiful unique looking flat rocks and a sublime small natural pool filled with sea water. As you explore the cove, you will see a lot of beautiful artworks created by the hippies with the Buddha’s head being the most iconic one.

But you know, the saying “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations” is proved to be true as getting to this hidden gem is not an easy journey but a very rewarding one. Atlantis is an isolated place that not many people dare to explore. The journey to get here takes about 40 minutes to an hour depending on your pace. If you love climbing, walking along narrow paths and loves exploring challenging trails, you will definitely love Atlantis.

It may be quite difficult to reach but once you get here, you will be welcomed by a breathtaking view. Indeed, not far from Atlantis is an amazing landmark full of history and ancient wonder  considered the 3rd most magnetic spot in the world “Es Vedra”. It is a majestic small island that sometimes referred to as the tip of Atlantis and it is a popular place to watch the iconic sunset best viewed from Torre de Savinar or in english The Pirate Tower. Es Vedra is a truly magical place that is worth visiting and truthfully Instagram worthy. So, why don’t you give it a try as well?

So, if you have more energy after visiting Atlantis or Sa Pedrera, you can go ahead and visit Torre de Savinar. Just a reminder though, don’t forget to bring your water and wear a decent footwear as climbing back from Atlantis is definitely not easy. But hey, you love it don’t you? And even if you don’t, maybe it’s about time you fall in love with it. If you want to explore the magical Atlantis without breaking a sweat, you can rent a private boat to take you on an enjoyable boat ride. Yes, that is another option.

After the tiring but worthy adventure, you can visit one of the restaurants called Restaurant Cala d’Hort near Atlantis to continue watching the beautiful sunset. Check out Cala d’Hort for more information

Punta de Sa Galera

This secret beach is not only peaceful; it also has a translucent turquoise water where you can wade in the waters, or go snorkeling during your visit. Its symbolic beauty is surrounded by towering unique rock formations that makes a fairy tale-like atmosphere.

It is said that this place with special magic used to have a “cave dweller” who took care of the environment and who took out the Buddha’s head where people leaves mementos like necklace, letters and coins as a form of offering. The head is surrounded by piling up flat stones that was created by the people who visited this place. It is said that the cave dweller passed away not long ago, but another cave man from Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) is living in one of the caves of Punta Galera who sells little baggies of mixed salt rubs which he named “Sal de Cucó”. This man has left everything he has behind and started living a quiet life in a cave caring for the environment. If you happen to bump into him when you visit this beach, he might invite you for a coffee. Sometimes, priceless moments happen when you meet people with a good soul and heart. And you might want to help him a bit as well by buying his seasoned salt made with natural ingredients.

Punta Galera has no grain of sand in it but you can still relax and sunbathe in peace, get a tan in tranquility and practice yoga and meditation in serenity. This small paradise is located in the highest point of Sant Antoni de Portmany, the second largest town in Ibiza. It may seem that the only thing you can do here is to go to gigantic parties but this town actually is also packed with hidden gems and one of them of course is Punta Galera, a different kind of beach where usually with no one in site.

However, the access coming here is quite difficult, it involves a challenging hike ahead but its all worth it. Besides, hard access means less people, less people means less crowded. Upon walking here, you will be greeted by big rocks and you will have amazing views of the majestic cliffs around. One of the things you will definitely fall in love with in Punta Galera is watching the superb sunset as well as snorkeling enjoying the underwater world in its translucent pristine waters. So don’t forget your snorkeling gear and your bathing shoes.

There are no restaurants in Punta Galera, we advise you to bring your own water and food along with your mosquito repellent. After exploring this beach, if you want to grab a bite or a drink you can go to Es Tragon to experience an insane combination of textures and flavors. It is located in Ctra. Cap Negret, s/n, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany. You can learn more about it at Es Tragon

Cala Escondida

The last beach is definitely the easiest one to access compared to the other two we have listed above. This paradise unlike any other is lying comfortably into a rock offering an extraordinary view over the blue sea. Is it located in the municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia. Although it is next to the popular beach Cala Comte, Cala Escondida has its own unique ambiance and simpler kind of beauty, and if you are looking for solitude, it is best to escape the busy beach of Cala Comte and head to Cala Escondida instead. It is much more stunning and less crowded and if sunbathing naked is your style, you can do it in here as it is considered as a nudist beach; although you will hardly see nudist here.

The access to the beach is by vertiginous steps. You have to walk along the old car park to see these steps that goes down to Cala Escondida. The highlight of this beach is the pop up eco-friendly chiringuito or beach bar perched over the rocks beside the sea in Es Racó d’en Xic which generates its own energy using solar panels and a composting toilet. Although this beach is getting busier as it is getting more popular, it is still a much better place to go to escape the ensuing summer crowds. Plant your feet in the sand and listen to the waves in peace. Being here feels like going back in time when high technologies doesn’t exist.

What makes this beach relaxing is the mixing sound of the sea waves and the people’s laughter in the chiringuito. Cala Escondida is unquestionably one of the best spots to watch the sun down. During sunset, some customers make a little live music making the atmosphere full of energy. It is definitely one of the best experiences you will remember when you visit Cala Escondida for a private relaxation time. And since the restaurant is a pop up one, don’t miss the chance to try their mouth watering cocktails and home made juices as well as the healthy and inexpensive dishes. Ibizadvisor suggests you to go early most especially during the high season. For more information about it, check out  Chiringuito

And there you have it folks! 3 hidden beaches that you might want to add into your list when you visit Ibiza. Remember, these places are not easy to access but it’s all worth it. Don’t forget to pack good hiking shoes and we guarantee you that you will bring home good memories from the white isle. Enjoy the journey and send us your pictures on our Instagram account !