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Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta is paradisiacal cove that continues north and a smaller version of Cala Gració. The sea water is turquoise and almost has no depth. The sand is smooth, delicate and ideal for sunbathing. A beach in this corner of Sant Antoni you would certainly fall in love with, like every human who visits it.

Identity card:

Type: Sandy Beach

Cala Gracioneta is a small cove of soft sand with rocky areas on the sides. Clean and transparent water with a sandy bottom with a little depth. There is no tide nor wind because the bay is closed. Unlike its big sister Cala Gració, Cala Gracioneta has fewer tourist services, only those offered by the beautiful restaurant of the same name. Showers, toilets, umbrellas and sunbeds are the only available facilities here. It is 25 meters long and 30 meters wide.

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunbeds
  • Parasols
  • Showers
  • Toilette
  • Bus stop
  • Hotels

How to get there:

Geo: 38º992976 N / 1º289050 E

Cala Gracioneta is 10 kilometers from Ibiza town, and there are three different ways to get here.

The first option and probably the easiest way is to take the taxi, which costs around 30 euros.

The second option is to take the bus number L3 Eivissa-Sant Antoni at the central bus station. In the same bus station, take the bus number L1 Sant Antoni-Cala Gració-Stella Maris.

Third and the best option is to drive a car or a motorcycle. From Ibiza downtown, take the C-731 road towards Sant Antoni. From Sant Antoni, choose the way to Santa Agnes. After two kilometers, take a left turn. The beach is passing by Cala Gració.

Did you know?

From Cala Gracioneta, you can see one of the most representative uninhabitable islets around Ibiza, Sa Cunillera. In addition to having endemic flora and fauna, its orography Sa Cunillera is unique because of underground galleries and caves that perforate the subsoil. It is probably the reason for its name, Cunillera, which comes from Cunicularia, which means something like ‘Cavernaria’ or ‘Island of Caves’. One of these caves is called ‘sa Casa d’Anníbal,’ which means Hannibal’s house, referring to the historic Carthaginian general.

Legend has it that when the mother of Hannibal was about to give him birth, she accompanied her husband Amilcar on an expedition from Carthage Nova to Ibosim, Ibosim being the name the Carthaginians gave to Ibiza. During the trip, a strong storm diverted their ship to the island of Sa Conillera, where they anchored in a cave and where they spent the night as it is said that Hannibal was born.


What to see:

Very close to Cala Gracioneta, there is an incredible spot that will steal your heart. It is called Hostal La Torre; in fact, it is a hotel with a panoramic view of the sea from the terrace. Here, every afternoon, locals and tourists who know this hidden place gather to admire one of the most special sunsets. After swimming in the sea and having a delicious lunch at the Cala Gracioneta restaurant, you can have a glass of wine while the sun goes down and listen to the DJs that set the moment with good music making it even more unforgettable.

What to do:

If you like to dance salsa, every Tuesday, there are salsa classes at Cubanito Ibiza, a very tropical hotel with the Havana concept of the sixties in every corner. Cubanito is less than two kilometers from Cala Gracioneta. Even if dancing salsa is not for you, every summer in the evening, you can listen to classical or contemporary tropical music, thanks to the live bands or the DJs who play on the colorful rooftop of Cubanito.


Where to eat:


Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta is a cozy restaurant that takes the name of this cove. It is actually the only one around. The design and decoration use raw elements that combine perfectly with this natural paradise. They offer a lunch menu and a wine menu, what you find is a fresh food, Spanish rice as paella, seafood, fish, meat, salads, tapas, natural juices and homemade desserts. Every dish has a unique touch.

Address: Cala Gracioneta, 07820. Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain.

Opening Hours: Every day from 10.00 to 21:00

Phone: +34 971 34 22 22

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What about drinks, shops and hotels?

For drinks, Cala Gracioneta does not only offer the usual beers, it also has comprehensive and innovative selection of mixology and wines.

You can also have a drink at the Hostal La Torre and in the bar on the terrace of the Cubanito hotel.

Cala Gracioneta belongs to the municipality of Sant Antoni, the city of Sant Antoni is less than two kilometers away from where you can find all kinds of accommodation. However, we recommend the Hostal La Torre if you are looking to stay in the middle of nature. The Hotel Cubanito, if you want a tropical atmosphere, or the charming private villa Cala Gracio Villa Sleeps 8, with swimming pool, sea views, and cozy spaces.


If you want Ibiza to take your breath away, wait for the sunset. If you’re on the west side of the island, it’s worth staying until that time during the summer. In Cala Gracioneta and around it, the sunsets are postcard-perfect.