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Cala d'en Serra

Cala d’en Serra

Cala d’en Serra

Cala d’en Serra is one of the secret coves of the island; you can only get to know it if you have the motivation to drive north for several kilometers and walk through nature for several minutes to find it.

Knowing beaches and hidden coves of Ibiza is an adventure. It’s only for people who like hiking; it is essential to have ideal walking shoes, patience and fantasy to imagine that the way to reach paradise is like a fairy tale, the magical nature of the forests shows unique landscapes.

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Type: Sandy Beach

Cala d’en Serra is in the municipality of Sant Joan in a forested area a bit far from the town and the other coves. It is a tiny cove, 40 meters long and 15 meters wide, surrounded by pine and juniper trees, cliffs and beautiful nature, with sand and stones on the sides. The bay is lined by slopes, helping to reduce the tide as it reaches the surface. The sea is shallow, the water is really clear and in turquoise in colour. There used to be a Chiringuito, the name given by the Spanish to the small beach bars, but in Ibiza it happens that every summer the concessions change so some owners close the establishments. So, we recommend that you bring your own food and drinks in case the beach bar is closed this summer. Get your wild side out in Cala d’en Serra as there are no lifeguards, showers nor shops here. And, if the beach bar is closed, there are no sunbeds, umbrellas, toilets nor restaurants.

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How to get there:

Geo: 39°107723 N / 1°537058 E

Cala d’en Serra can only be reached by car or scooter from Ibiza town at a distance of 38 kilometers. By taxi, it is over 40 euros. Driving, take the road E-10 to Santa Eulalia and after nine kilometers take the road signs Sant Lorenç, Sant Joan, Sant Antoni on the left. At the roundabout, turn right to Sant Joan. Continue towards Sant Joan, then at the next roundabout, take the road to Portinatx. Head towards beach S’Arenal Gros in Portinatx then continue driving by the main street, turn to the right in the first street Carrer de Cala d’en Serra. One kilometer after there is a road to the left that leads to Cala d’en Serra, take it and drive until you arrive at an abandoned building with graffitis. Park there and walk less than one kilometer, descending by a path.

Did you know?

The construction of the old abandoned building in Cala d’en Serra started in 1969. The owners hired the famous architect, urbanist Josep Lluís Sert. It was a brilliant project, seen as a unique hotel in the middle of paradise. The construction had to stop because the Franco government forbade Sert to obtain an architect’s license in the region. The idea was to take up again at the end of the Franco period, but the architect died of cancer.

In the year 2000, the construction was resumed respecting the style of Josep Lluís Sert to create a centre of thalassotherapy, but just at that time the banking crisis began in Spain and it could never be finished. Now it is a graffiti gallery, a southern space in the middle of the forest with breathtaking views.


What to see:

See the cosy and quiet, typical town of Sant Joan. Buy a sandwich and a beer at the bar next to the church and relax on the terrace and enjoy the sun at the church square. It is a really quiet place, no parties and no night clubs. Just wildlife, beautiful calming green spaces and incredible coves.

What to do:

Be an adventurer and do what plenty of people do, take photographs of the graffiti in the abandoned building, explore the surrounding wooden places, bring diving gloves and fins and discover the marine bottom.

Where to eat:


Jardín del Mar

Cala d’en Serra cove is a beach bar that is probably not open on some summer. To eat in a restaurant, you can drive to the urbanization of Portinatx where there are several kinds of restaurants, such as the Jardín del Mar, where you can taste Mediterranean cuisine, seafood and fresh fish. Sit in the seafront terrace to admire the perfect view of the beach.

Address: Carrer Cala de Portinatx, 75, 7810. Sant Joan, Illes Balears

Opening Hours: Every day from 10:00 to 00:00

Phone: +34 971 33 76 59

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What about drinks, shops and hotels?

To have drinks go back to Portinatx or drive to Sant Joan. In Portinatx you find much more bars as the Delboys, a typical English pub, as well as Vincent’s bar.

There is a wide variety of accommodations in Portinatx, the Barceló Hotels group has an elegant hotel with two swimming pools, few terraces with sea views, restaurant, bar, chill areas.


As we have recommended before, this beach is for nature adventurers; you must bring shoes to walk in nature and water to hydrate yourself. You have to pay attention when exploring the woods and cliffs as there is no one around if you get hurt, Portinatx is 3 kilometres away, and Sant Joan is 8km, there are very few cottages nearby.