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Platja des Codolar

Platja des Codolar

Platja des Codolar

Es Codolar is one of the longest and almost deserted beaches in Ibiza; the reason for that is, instead of sand, it is wholly composed of boulders. It’s not the typical Ibizan beach where you can lie down and drink sangria from the chiringuito. But if you are looking for a calm, atypical, not touristic beach, with birds singing or swimming in turquoise, calm waters, Es Codolar is the best choice. This surreal and exotic spot is the choice for the locals because when it gets busy everywhere in the summer, this is the perfect place to disconnect. It’s also very common to see locals walking their dogs in Es Codolar. In windy or wavy days, kite surfers and surfers have the advantage to practice in open space.

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Type: Pebbles Beach

Es Codolar is in the Ses Salines Natural Park, literally just behind the airport to the east of Sa Caleta. The name Codolar is derived from the Catalan word “codol” which in english language means “pebble”. Millions of glossy grey pebbles cover the 3 km long and 30 meters wide shoreline of Es Codolar, but once you get into the wáter, the sandy sea floor feels astonishing. Generally, the water is clean and bright but very salty, as it is in close proximity to Ses Salines Park, the zone where the sea has high levels of salinity.

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How to get there:

Geo: 38º871310N / 1º343496E

Platja des Codolar is accesible via a car, a scooter or a taxi. It is around 15 kilometers from Dalt Vila, the most central location in Ibiza town. You have to take the main road (San Jose Rd) to the airport, on the last round about in front of the airport follow the direction towards Cala Jondal, Sa Caleta. On the left, you will see a small supermarket called El Rincón des Codolar; the beach is directly behind this store. Beside it is where you’ll find the parking and the beach entrance. The distance of Platja des Codolar from Ibiza town is 10 minutes drive and 30 minutes from San Antonio.

Did you know?

Ses Salines Natural Park is a protected area located between Ibiza and Formentera, covering a large area of 16,000 hectares, of which 13,000 are marine. It’s the place of passage for a large number of birds in their migration. Up to 210 species of birds pass through each year.

What to see:

For the bird’s watchers, Platja des Codolar is the best one. You can take a walk along the coast, one kilometer ahead, behind the airport fences you will find salt plains, the home of many birds species. Don’t forget your binoculars.

Behind the airport fences, is a little pebbly hill from where you can catch a sight of the airplanes full of tourists coming to the island. It only take a few second to glimpse the airplanes in the sky coming towards you and land. It is a staggering and uncommon activity.

What to do:

Swimming, trekking, jogging, running and walking the dog or sit back, relax while waiting for the breathtaking sunset. The beach is 3 kilometers long in the form of a curve; in the end, you can admire the sun goes down into the sea, one of the most beautiful twilights on the island. Many people goes to Cap des Falco, the hill on the other side of the beach, to watch the sunset.

Where to eat:

El Rincón des Codolar

The nearest place to have lunch is El Rincón des Codolar, a small supermarket-bar where locals and tourists who goes to Sa Caleta stop by to take a fresh beer, coffee, buy fruits, nuts, water etc. You can also have fresh juices, sandwiches, homemade food to eat on the terrace or to go. The products and the cuisine are excellent with a traditional touch. Every day is a surprise, from pie, empanada, quiche, cus-cus, Spanish omelet, escalope, pasta, salads and many other food.

Address: Carretera Sa Caleta kilometer 8, 07818 San José, Illes Balears, Spain.

Opening Hours: every day from 09:00 to 21:00

Phone: + 34 971 39 60 11

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Juls Ibiza

Juls Ibiza is a cozy restaurant on the road to Sa Caleta, one kilometer before the Es Codolar entrance. Open only for dinners, the perfect moment to appreciate the illumination and design, from the garden, the boutique, and the dining area. Organic, local, and gourmet food with a Greek twist. Fresh meat, seafood, ceviche, also unique tempuras, grilled vegetables, lamb or chicken, risotto, black tagliatelle, exquisite salads are served here as well as the Jul’s signature cocktails.

Address: Edificio Can Mariano, 07818 San José, Illes Balears, Spain.

Opening Hours: Every day from 20:00 to 02:00

Phone:  + 34 871 03 53 30

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Experimental Beach

Experimental Beach has become very popular in recent seasons, located at the end of Es Codolar beach, beside the hill called Cap des Falco. Locals and tourists find many reasons to visit this hidden restaurant due to it’s mouthwatering menu, as well as the atmosphere. A delicate French touch with a local ingredients fusion. The delicate menu offers seabass in a salt crust, local chicken, grilled octopus, watermelon salad, beef jerky, black rice and more. The bar is renowned for high standard mixology, signed by the Experimental Group. The panoramic view allows you to admire the incredible sunset and the top of the Es Vedrà islet. It is the only restaurant in this three kilometers beach.

Address: Playa des Codolar Salinas, 07817 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain.

Opening Hours: Every day from 10:00 to 00:00

Phone: +34 664 33 12 69

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What about drinks and hotels?

To have a fresh juice, smoothy or beer, we recommend you El Rincón des Codolar. To have signature cocktails, quality wines, craft beer or the traditional Spanish sangría, do not hesitate to visit the restaurants that we have recommended: Juls or Experimental Beach. Near Es Codolar.

Around this beach, there are not many options. The only shopping that you can do near Platja des Codolar is in Experimental beach and Juls because both have an elegant boutique, sunglasses, bikinis, local brands, boho style, jewelry are among the cute selections.

For acommodation, Playa d’en Bossa is the nearest area with all kinds of hotels and apartments; it’s 10 kilometers away.


Instead of the soft white sand that characterizes the Ibiza beaches, you find soft grey pebbles along the coast, don’t forget bathing shoes to go into and out of the sea. This beach is perfect for disconnecting; as there is nothing but nature: enjoy it!

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