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Most Instagrammable places in Ibiza

Most Instagrammable places in Ibiza

Discover the Most Instagramed places in Ibiza

“Party Island” the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Ibiza”. Although Ibiza is well known for its wild summer club parties, there are also other astounding things this island has to offer. So, sit back and relax, take a sip for that refreshing drink in hand, as we present you the most instagrammable places in one of the most famous Balearic Islands.

When we travel, we all want that piece of memory to be stored forever in our phone and cameras and most of all, on our social networks! Ibizadvisor has selected for you some of the most ingrammable places of Ibiza & Formentera.


The Old town of Dalt Vila

Get more likes in your Instagram feed by visiting this cultural treasure in Ibiza. “Dalt Vila” in Spanish or Catalan is known as the old center of the Island of Ibiza and first settled by the Phoenicians. It is a walled city with cobble lanes accessible by foot, medieval mansions and historical landmarks and it was declared a world heritage site by a UNESCO in 1999. The steep walks to the top offer lovely views of the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
Don’t forget to bring a good camera to capture the gorgeous medieval events, the majestic main entrance Portal de ses Taules, landmarks and medieval buildings, the Santa Maria d’Eivissa Cathedral and many scenic tiny alleyways. We guarantee you, every corner in Dalt Vila will make that instgram feed staggering!


Es Vedra

Want to impress your Instagram followers with an extraordinary sunset? This small rocky island will do the job! Situated in the south western side of Ibiza, Es Vedra is a popular tourist destination and it is said to be the 3rd most magnetic place in the world. An island of strange energy and is known to be home to sirens and out of this world forces. Some even refer to it as the tip of Atlantis.
Well, whether it is true or not, it is a must-see destination because Es Vedra has the most iconic sunset best viewed from Torre de Savinar or The Pirate Tower, Cala d’Hort beach and any of its restaurants. It is a truly magical place that is worth the journey and truthfully Instagram worthy.
Please keep in mind that Es Vedra is a natural reserve, wherever you to go to witness the beauty of this island, take care of the environment and make sure to take your garbage with you.

The Secret Cave of Es Vedra (Cova des Mirador)

Just at the edge of the cliff of Torre de Savinar, Cova Mirador can be found. Not only this place is worth posting in your instagram feed, it is also a place that gives you a sense of calmness and peace, a great place to enjoy the view of Es Vedra and its magnificent sunset.
This secret hippie place is filled with small mementos left by the people who visited it as an offering in hope of good luck. Don’t forget to leave coins, club tickets, hang a handkerchief, or leave that beaded necklace. Actually, anything under the sun will do, just keep this area clean and only take good photos and good memories with you.


Flaunt that summer body in Ibiza’s most beautiful beach and one of the most popular spot for sunset viewing, Cala Conta. It is surrounded by beautiful sceneries, sands dunes and great restaurants to chill.
Cala Conta has different shades of crystal blue water, and has a little sister called S’illa des Bosc sitting in front of it. It is one of the reasons why a photo in this cove is a must in your instgram feed. And we assure you, your visit is worth your time.


Cala Benirras

Attract those followers who loves the beach sunset as much as you do by posting Cala Benirras’ sunset! This one will surely make your likes shoot up as any photo taken here deserves a double tap. It is surrounded by cliffs covered in pines with picturesque view. If you go there though, you have to spend the whole day to also experience the nice beach restaurants with tasty Spanish foods like tapas and paellas.
The hippie drummers play the entire week but the best time to go there to experience the true Ibizenco vibe is on Sundays, where a large crowd gather round to watch these phenomenal hippie drummers as the sun goes down overlooking the famous Cap Bernat. There is no better place to watch the sunset than in Cala Benirras where the vibe is romantic and relaxing. So don’t forget your camera with you, because it’s going to be epic!


Time and Space by Andrew Rogers

Often referred as the Stonehenge of Ibiza or also called the The Solar Clock, this beautiful sculpture was created by an Australian artist Andrew Rogers and commissioned by Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte.
It is near Cala Llentia located on the edge of the cliff, it features 13 solid basalt stone from Turkey and offers great views of the ocean. Anyone can visit this place at no cost involve. You can also see the billionaire’s villa right in front of it. Be amazed by the 23 carat gold on top of the tallest column and get those Instagram followers experience it too!


Puertas Can Soleil

Not so far away from “Time and Space” is Puertas can Soleil or the Gates of Cala Lentia, another insta-worthy destination that was commissioned by Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte. It is made of two wooden and framed large doors facing each other with different Arabic engravings.
A real part of a unique experience in Ibiza, it offers a beautiful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea that is perfect in your Instagram feed!


Staircase in Cala Tarida

Fall in love with Cala Tarida’s staircases! Now that’s something different because it’s not about sunset this time. Though the path down to the beach of Cala Tarida has a lot of steep stairs it is actually worth the sweat coz ones you get through it, you will be welcomed by the biggest beach in the island of Ibiza. Not only that, you can stop in the middle of the stairs to take a rest or to flaunt that flashy smile as if you weren’t tired at all.
Click and post then relax!


Ses Salines Natural Park

The Ses Salines Natural Park is one of the most important marine and land reserves in the Balearics located at the southern end of Ibiza. Declared a world heritage by UNESCO its impressive scenery is home to hundreds of species of birds. If you are a bird lover, this place is perfect for you.
For the flamingo lovers, between August and October hundreds of flamingos arrive to the parks water to spend winter in the island. A perfect day spent in the beautiful park plus something dazzling for you insta!