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Cova Santa a pleasure for the senses!

Cova Santa a pleasure for the senses!

Cova Santa, a pleasure for the senses!

Cova Santa distinguishes itself from other places not only on its party productions; but also on its philosophy. Such combination allows it to take the lead on the electronic scene this summer in its Lounge Garden Club.

Compared to previous years, Cova Santa which was built around an old cave, has overcome its previous work and at the moment, it offers a wide range of entertaining leisure activities with the highest levels of innovation. Cova Santa is surrounded by astonishing, breathtaking nature. Located in the San José road – km 7 through Sa Caleta turn off.

At the beginning of 1990, Cova Santa was already one of the main tourist attractions in Ibiza. By that time, it had expanded up to become an important venue for exclusive events using its restaurant, Lounge garden Club, to host them.

The Cova Santa experience could start with an astonishing gastronomic experience where the raw produce as the main protagonist, along with new dishes prepared by Grup Iglesias accompanied by live performances to liven up any dinner.

The ingredients in its kitchen come from all over the world and the practice of some of the most multicultural cooking techniques, like Japanese, Chinese, Peruvian, Mexican and Korean, allow the kitchen staff to take the main stage and prepare the most amazing food. Its restaurant Espai Kru stands out on the preparation of raw food like sashimi, carpaccios, tartars or marinades. It is known to be a 21st century Seafood restaurant with a really imaginative cuisine without using fire.

Focusing on originality to showcase their menu, they promote through Instagram so that diners can find pictures and descriptions of each dish in the menu.


The experience also goes beyond the food. When finishing the dessert, a tour can be taken to explore the heart of Cova Santa which features a natural millenary cave, carved by the water coming from Sant Josep Mountains. This cave was discovered in the 15th century and finally opened to the public in 1957.

Through a crack in the mountain, people descent to the inner cave through stairs where stalactites and stalagmites are hidden and portrayed in a wonderful scenery at 25 meters depth inside transforming the cave into one of the most valuable natural resources of the Pitiusas.

Main Events

The Amnesia group bought the venue in 2001 and by 2013, Marco Carola celebrated some of his most legendary Music On parties here. Cova Santa offers different nightly events during the summer like shows and concerts, definitely worth the time to check for its legendary clubbing events. The weekly schedule includes a a wide range of entertainment including:


Magdalena has been part of the Dynamic family since her beginnings. For many years, she was in charge of the Hamburg brand called EGO. Now with the Ibiza residency, the talented German DJ and producer is a sure bet to make clubbers dance. Expect to be amazed with the top sets of techno and house in 12 hours of continuous partying.
A new feature this year is Magdalena’s line-ups which include industry legends like Solomun, Nicole Moudaber, Anja Schneider, Radio Slave, Kittin, Jennifer Cardini, among others to perform with her this summer up to September 13th. Her most jampacked show yet was along her brother Solomun who conveniently has a weekly residency this year at Pacha Ibiza. On July 26th, they performed together from 18:00 till midnight at the venue to create an atmosphere full of beauty and energy, beloved by the crowds.
After that, clubbers remained to dance all night until the break of dawn. The show SHADOWS had already carved out a name by itself whilst traveling around the world especially in Europe and Tulum in the past two years.


WOOMOON is known for marking the beginning of the moon parties. It said goodbye to its fourth season in an iconic way with an outdoor theater, body painting, interactive activities, plus more; staying true to their brand with the music and creativity.
Besides this, it offered its Moon Lovers, an impressive line-up with artists like Nicola Cruz or Bedouin; as well as amazing live bands in the Resonance area. At midnight, ‘Trip to The Moon’ allowed the introduction and development of local underground artists like the native of Ibiza, Valentin Huedo, known for his deep house performances.
Art was showcased as well in the Boulev-Art that featured local craftsmanship, local organic cuisines, and cocktails that looked like they were made by veteran alchemists.


On July 16th 2019, the Chilean-Swiss DJ and producer Luciano had hypnotized all the souls that had come to the opening of Guardians of EK verse III. Along with his performance was the widely talked about nude performances of acrobats suspended in air which helped build the wild energy on the dance floor.
This year The SOYSER collective aims to present an artistic, gastronomic, and theatrical experience to their performances. They aim to break down communication barriers to get a joyful, collective and relaxed atmosphere to inspire inner peace and empowerment to each of its audience. Enjoy the last edition of GUARDIANS OF EK until it lasts on September 17th.



On Wednesday July 31st, the creative team of the Row teamed with the Absolute Company to transform the outdoor disco into three different stages with an explosion of art for all the senses. All the design, staging and props as well as the performances were designed to stimulate the senses and imagination of its audience.
A contest was also launched for its audience to gain different prizes or magical beverages from an Absolut fountain. In order to obtain coins, each of them had to complete a series of activities. After getting the coins, people could exchange them for different prizes.
The audience also experience a lot of unique things while participating in these activities. Flowers that came to life, cheese flavored cotton candy, stilt walkers, trees with music instruments, magicians, mimes and all kinds of characters and fabulous creatures were there to entertain and cheer on the audience as they participated.
The music selection was also carefully curated, from the percussions to the and performances which included Damian Lazarus, Acid Mondays, Ion Pananides, Alex Pott, Toni Varga y Seth Throxler.


All Day I Dream debuted this season thanks to Lee Burridge’s vision combined melodic and mesmerizing music with structural art (flashing lights and wreaths). This amazing vision led to the creation of a one-of-a-kind venue where people could close their eyes and experience a mystical music flow that is known to strike emotion.
In the dessert, beach or dance floor from New York, its magical soirées capture the heart and soul of the community of dreamers around the world. Gaining popularity and a growing fan base, they are known to perform worldwide from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Their final performances this year will be held on September 20th – Don’t miss it!


After their sold out events in Tulum, Storytellers received the best event award in the Dj Awards 2018. Their outlandish performances are known to combine art and technology featuring a circus performances, bizarre character performances, out of this world décor and staging plus more!
Their closing event was held las Sunday August 25th 2019 from 17:00. It featured an eclectic array of performances from Guy Gerber, Satori (live), Kadebostany, Lum, Bondi (live), Pandhora (live), Âpe Chimba, Teotl Tulum plus more.


Dailycid XXX themed fetish, is an exclusive and elegant meeting that invites you to put on a mask, become another person for one night and give a free rein to your wishes.
The electronic music record label represented by DJ W! LD, based in London, brought back the times Ibiza was in its most hedonistic phase. Its final season will end on September 21 of this year.


Who Cares joined forces with Pyramid last August 13th and in a crowded and anxious dance floor in Amnesia they got ready to give away one of the most epic comebacks so far. ‘Chile in the house’ with DJ Ricardo Villalobos and DJ Luciano once again proved themselves to be once more the “go-to” international electronic scene.
The German-Chilean DJ and producer Ricardo Villalobos, flooded the booth with his rhythms and vinys especially curated for the occasion; He brought the magic from his diverse labels like Perlon and Playhouse to his performances. Bringing in a new remix of Micro house and Techno with melodic and vocal passages that tuned in perfectly to resemble a new and Minimal style.
Next to Villalobos is his compatriot, Luciano. The Chilean-Swiss DJ is a 5-time Dj Awardee who is also the creator of Cadenza Records label. Their wonderful performance that created the Minimal style progressed to Techno and House sounds, creating a perfect synergy in each track.
The harmony between them could be heard and felt as its audience filled the dance floor with energy. Unforgettable moments like these are sure to go down in history as one of the best back to back performances. These collaborations are not by chance. Only two people who are true stars and artists can create a magical experience for their audience. In fact, it marked their most attended event yet in fifteen years!

The success of events like these are attributed by staying true to their brand. If you are looking to have fun and dance all night long, then experience it best here where the authentic Ibiza comes forward.

“When the inspiration comes thanks to a big Project, the internal power of your mind eliminates all the boundaries, the mind transcends its own limitations. The conscience expands in all directions, allowing you to take part in a new world. The strengths, the abilities and sleepy talents are awaken and you realize that you are way bigger than you ever thought you were” says GUARDIAN OF EK.

This is part of the philosophy that Cova Santa is trying to provide in an unforgettable season. Representing the true essence of the white island, Cova Santa is the place to come keep coming back to.

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