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Best things to do in Ibiza town

Best things to do in Ibiza town

Best things to do in Ibiza town

Ibiza town, the core of the Spanish dream island can offer much more than you can imagine. The Southeast point is where the Phoenicians established the downtown, the commercial harbor and the commercial center. The capital and its heart Dalt Vila is an old walled city with a castle, a cathedral and 7 bastions that protected Ibiza from Turkish pirates. Perched on a tiny mountain next to the sea, it has an incredible and magnificent view of the Mediterranean Sea, the port and the city. From this point, you can start discovering the different faces of Ibiza and countless options to enjoy your stay doing your own thing simply having a good time.

There are numerous activities that can be done around the area by walking. Ibizadvisor gives you our personal favorite things to do in Ibiza Town, like strolling in Calle de La Virgen, shopping in high-end fashion stores, learning about the fascinating history of Ibiza, visiting the main museums, relaxing on the beach and a route of tapas. So, lets get started!

Calle de la Virgen

Around the old quarter in the old port area of the city is the labyrinthine neighborhood Sa Penya with Calle de la Virgen as its main artery. A 24 hour non stop bohemian area, known for being a gay-friendly street with lively atmosphere, full of shops, little restaurants, terrace bars and small night clubs.

In the Middle Age, the street was named Carrer de la Mare de Déu or Mother of God street because of the patroness of mariners. Calle de la Virgen was an area where sailors and fishermen relax after long days of sailing. Now, the ambient continuous as popular open space to chill.

By the day, it looks like the typical Mediterranean old neighborhood with its small white houses between alleys, few shops and terraces. It’s during the night when the true magic begins, the go-go boys and drag-queens walk freely around the area, the club PR’s dressed in a peculiar and sexy costume promoting parties and offering free tickets, and a lot of tourists and locals are seen enjoying the perfect weather, chatting, drinking, laughing, chilling with a glass of beer in hand. It is also an ideal time to go for a stroll and go shopping as souvenirs shops, accessories/jewelry stores, shoes and clothes boutiques are open till late and hair salons are open until sunrise.


Shopping in a city or in a country that you’re just visiting can be a little bit challenging most especially if they have an unusual fashion trend. So, let us discover what is trendy in Ibiza. Every city has a peculiar dress code, in fact, the traditional clothing and accessories like jewelry are part of the local fashion.

The small area of Ibiza town is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the island. There is a good number of souvenirs shops and boutiques that offer the most modern or classic fashion brands to the well-known Adlib fashion style and multicultural fashionable stores, India, Indonesia, Thailand and Senegal. The people of Ibiza is very open, don’t be afraid to do a little bit of experiment with your outfit. Also, this island is considered a fashion-forward spot, what locals and foreigners dress in Ibiza is the cutting-edge every summer season.

Dalt Vila, calle de La Virgen, Paseo Vara de Rey, La Marina, Ibiza Port and over Bartomeu Roselló street are the main shopping areas found around the historical center.

In addition to the fashion chains such as Zara, Pull & Bear, Mango, Bershka, Calzedonia, Stradivarius, Tezenis, you can visit the stores of the famous night clubs like Amnesia, Pacha or Ushuaïa.

Ibiza has a unique style called Adlib fashion, surely you associate the Mediterranean with the color white like the traditional architecture and the traditional garments of Ibiza’s local population. In the 70s, the first Ibiza Fashion Week took place where locals and foreigners combined raw materials and traditional light colors to create the Adlib style, coming from the Latin “ad libitum” meaning “freely”. There are few Adlib designer boutiques in downtown like Charo Ruiz, Cantonada, Bamba, Campos de Ibiza and Ad Libitum. If you are looking for a charming and elegant souvenir visit the jewelry stores Elisa Pomar Jewellery Designer or the Victoria Deny boutique, where you can find original jewelry designs, traditional, antique Ibizan golden jewels, boho-chic and unimaginable exclusive handicrafts. Uncommon shopping? Sombrereria Bonet has amazing classical and unique hats!


If you are looking for a charming and elegant souvenir visit the jewelry stores Elisa Pomar Jewellery Designer or the Victoria Deny boutique, where you can find original jewelry designs, traditional, antique Ibizan golden jewels, boho-chic and unimaginable exclusive handicrafts. Uncommon shopping? Sombrereria Bonet has amazing classical and unique hats!

Hippie chic, boho outfits and accessories are always in vogue since the original hippie movement in the 60s on the white island, feathers, crochet, native accessories, colors, leather bags, shoes and boots. Traditional hand-embroidered clothes, necklaces, rings and earrings, all this and more It Shop or Karma of Charme have for you.

Party clothes? Revolver and Religion store are the most fashionable and most modern to go!

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Whenever people think of Ibiza, they always associate it with its wild nightlife. But actually, options to be entertained are vast and even culture is part of the island’s core. Its rich and fascinating history shows that this island was conquered from its first settlers, the Phoenicians, by Carthaginians, Romans and Muslims.

From past times, this Balearic island has been the destination of warriors, travelers, explorers and merchants. It is one of the reasons why Dalt Vila preserves a unique atmosphere, a rich architecture and culture. From the last century, lots of artists, painters, filmmakers, actors, musicians came to find inspiration and definitely, all those people made an impact on contemporary art and culture. If you are curious to know more about this city and about the land where you spend your holidays, the museums placed over the old town are your perfect guide!

Archeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera

The Archeological Museum is the institution that preserves and investigates the remains of the Ibiza and Formentera past. This institution belongs the Archeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera, its collection includes three thousand years of history from the Catalan conquest in 1235. The building is located in the walled city Dalt Vila with access through the chapel of El Salvador, rebuild in 1907.

The Monographic Museum of Puig des Molins is the second important venue that belongs to the Archeological institution, also called Necropolis Museum. It is where the Phoenician cemetery is found near the town walls. The acquisition owns over six hundred pieces of ceramics, jewelries and sculptures from the prehistory to the Catalan times found in excavation works guided by the Ebusitana Archeological Society.

Contemporary Art Museum

The venues Puget Museum, The Plenary chamber Hall and Casa Broner belongs to the Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Eivissa (MACE). The main building was restored opening wide exhibition areas to appreciate the permanent collection, a selection since the sixties by Ibizan and international artist, Antoni Tàpies, Erwin Broner, Rafael Tur Costa, Erwin Bechtold, Flanagan, among others. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the MACE presents a very recent video and net-art acquisition including works from 2004.

Puget Museum

The notable Ibizan artists Puget Viñas and Puget Riquer are represented on the Puget Museum, a 15-century old mansion, which is gothic in architecture influenced by Catalan style. The 130 pieces permanent collection of both artist, oil paintings and watercolors of local Ibizan landscapes and traditions is showcased in the Puget Museum.

Madina Yabisa Interpretation Centre

Casa Cúria is one of the oldest houses in Dalt Vila and was the Court of Justice in the 16th century. Now, it is called Museum Madina Yabisa. This is the name of Ibiza during the Middle Age when it was an important Muslim city. This center shows the history and the evolution of the island since Moorish times, through multimedia. The architecture and the curatorship are impressive as the videos explain how Ibiza became a strategic spot to trade and its culture due to continuous migration.


Party, sun and beach are the main reasons tourist visit the island. A walking distance from Ibiza Town, there are three long sandy beaches. All of them have the necessary facilities for all ages and special needs to be comfortable in, to relax lying on a sunbed, drinking, eating, practicing water sports, etc.

Near the yachting port is Talamanca Bay, the closest beach to town just 2 km away.  A beautiful wooden promenade separates the bars and restaurants from the peaceful beach with shallow crystal clear water that is perfect for families. This one offers a lot of facilities. A popular place for lunch

Next is Figueretas. It is the most suitable beach for your Ibiza holiday! With relaxed atmosphere, this urban beach is where you can enjoy long strip of sand and shallow water equipped with all the necessary services. In summer time along the palm tree lined promenade there is a night hippie market and in some restaurants live music are played, this beach is perfect for a walk and relaxation without leaving the city.

Playa d’en Bossa is the most well known beach in Ibiza, as well the most extensive with almost 3 kilometers in length, situated after the Figueretas Bay. What makes it trendy are the resorts and the beach clubs like luxurious Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza, Ushuaïa Beach Hotel, Nikki Beach, Beachouse, Santos Ibiza Suites and many more. The atmosphere is youthful and cosmopolitan. Mainly, clubbers choose this beach due to the avenue Pere Matutes that is full of famous bars and clubs like Hï, Tantra, Ibiza Jet, Bora Bora, Dune and more. The party here never ends!

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The food is the essence of a culture. Spain invented the amazing tapas, the appetizing snacks of local gastronomy that combines perfectly with a beer or a glass of wine. You can’t leave Ibiza without doing at least one tapa tour. The local name of tapa is “pintxo” is a tasty mini appetizer on bread transfixed in a cocktail stick. Everywhere over the downtown are many nice bars to discover several options at reasonable prices like the typical Spanish tortilla, manchego cheese, cured ham, Russian salad, anchovies and more. Perfect to delight your palate with a world of flavors, coming from the traditional Spanish food and fusion food. Some of the tapas bars to plan a route walking around Bide Bide, Can Terra, La Bodega, Kaixo, Re.Art, S’Escalinata, El Zaguán and Pintxos Ibiza.