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Best Daily Cruise in Ibiza

Best Daily Cruise in Ibiza

What are the Best Daily Cruise in Ibiza ?

When you come to Ibiza the beauties that instantly conquest your heart are the captivating nature of its coasts. The sea of the magical island, beside its little sister Formentera, has the reputation of having all the shades of blue- clear and turquoise, deep and dark. The water is so transparent that when you are sailing you can easily admire fishes, sea plants, stones, & even dolphins.

The Ibiza sea, one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, is compared with the paradisiac coast in the Caribbean because of the Posidonia seagrass it has. This seagrass is responsible for the existence of an important endemic species. It contributes to maintaining the quality and oxygenation of the submarine eco-system which helps feed and protect many marine species and plants. Some meadows of Posidonia are the largest living organism in the world, being eight kilometers long and over 100,000 years old, making Ibiza an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The history of Ibiza coast stretches out from out-lived conquests and battles. From being more than 2500 years under the Phoenician, who came under the control of Carthage and then in turn under the Roman empire. Ibiza was also part of the Arabic Empire until Christianity returned to the island in 1235 Ibiza when it was taken back by the Catalans. In the 16th century, pirates used the white island as a strategic point in their way around the Mediterranean.

Ibizadvisor has already shared you many reasons to have an adventure in Ibiza, but the most unique and interesting is the sail to the Mediterranean sea.

There are several cruise companies known in the Mediterranean. Among these, we have chosen the best ones that offer a special experience where you can connect with everything the island has to offer from its history and legends, nature and ecosystem. Ibiza helps you find peace as you re-connect with nature and nourish your love for it.

  • La Belle Verde
  • Marco Polo
  • Saga
  • Yoga Saling Trip
  • Formentera Explorer

La Bella Verde

La Bella Verde is the eco-charter pioneer company in Ibiza, owning the first catamarans powered by solar and wind energy. You can support the contemporary green-movement that our Mother Earth needs by booking this environment-friendly excursión.

Founded in 2014 by the friends Charlie Priestley, Alastair Glover-Main and Maarten Bernhart, the pioneering idea started as a dream of offering an eco-friendly boating experience. La Bella Verde or “The Beautiful Green”started when this group of friends wanted to start an eco-charter company. They aimed to transform the boating industry and to create a movement to protect aquatic life.

The crew acquired a traditional boat and transformed it into an eco-friendly mode of transportation with the use of electric engines and solar panels. Step by step the concept had come into realisation as an intimate, low carbón experience- an example for the international boating industry.


Little by little, word went around and they were able to inspire other enterprises to adopt a sustainable way to navigate. Because of this the company created the Foundation La Bella Verde to help companies and individuals launch their own custom-built, carbon-neutral catamarans around the world. The foundation also aims to educate and inspire people about conservation of marine environments. The foundation continues to raise funds by selling merchandise made from green materials, supporting local and sustainable projects as well as starting new ones.

The trip commences during the summer season until October. It departs from the protected natural park, Las Salinas beach. Each full-day it passes through the Formentera turquoise waters and its nearby isles. The tasty catering is provided by the Ethos company which known to use organic and local products, as well as local beer, wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. This cruise is perfect for the adventurous ones who love to surf & dive as they will find plenty boards and snorkeling equipment.

Whether you plan to have a romantic trip, a fun day with friends, a quiet and relaxing moment for yourself or a lovely connection with your family – the company owns vessels to cover all your needs from couples, families, or groups of friends up to 30 people- all while being environmentally-conscious.

Website:  https://www.labellaverde.org

Phone:  +34 663 65 76 36

Email:  info@labellaverde.org

Marco Polo Ibiza

As the Ibiza legends talk about pirates coming from the other side of the Mediterranean, here’s a chance to explore this paradise on a historic pirate sailboat built in 1913 & rebuilt in the ’60s, brought from the Netherlands.

The Marco Polo is a 23m admirable schooner with 80 tones steel, a fine wooden deck, and two tall masts where the famous pirate symbol on 100 sqm black sails hang. If every part of this beautiful monster could talk, imagine all the stories that this ship has held for over a hundred years! The reconstruction that the cruise ship passed sixty years ago included the transformation of the cabin room to a spacious cabin with a kitchen, sleeping quarters and a bathroom.


Among the services the company offer is its most booked experience which is an exclusive charter for a day adventure that can accomodate up to 12 guests. For parties and festivities such as private events, wedding ceremonies, massage and wellness services,

the ship can accommodate up to 25 guests while being anchored in the bay. The company provides 3 service crew, soft drinks, music, & snacks. They also customize the route depending on the weather conditions.

Website: https://www.marcopoloibiza.com

Phone: +34 676 754 892

Email: silke@ibizapirate.es


Want to go back to the medieval age through an old schooner? Get to experience how the mariners used to set sail & rejoice in the wind and waves by controlling only a rudder. The no motor experience will leave you with a pristine adventure as you are accompanied by just the sound of water and birds.

Saga is a classic schooner built in Findland in 1936, 24m in length, with beautiful red sails that navigate around Ibiza. It is so unique that you have probably recognised it afloat if you have been on Ibiza. Re-built in 2017, the new space distribution consists of 3 very cozy solarium chill-zones & an indoor cabin with a salon, a kitchen, and 2 bathrooms.


The company offers a vintage trip, respecting the classic style of navigation. To make a classic wooden sailboat work is a brave challenge for all mariners Be in awe of their expertise in sailing through their knowledge of climate and sea conditions as they pay attention to every detail.

You have three ways to experiene this authentic adventure:

First, you can hire the ship for up to seven hours to have a private experience with a maximum of 36 guests. Included in this package are food like paella, welcome drinks, an open bar for 35 per head plus wáter-sport equipment from paddleboards & snorkels.

If you want to meet more explorers like you on your journey, then join the day excursion  which hosts up to 24 people for six hours. The package also includes similar food and drinks as well as wáter-sport equipment.

The cruise starts to depart from the west coast to the north side destination, Cala D’albarca or destination Es Vedra Islote.


Website: www.sagaibiza.com

Phone: +34 617 071 974

Email: info@sagaibiza.com

Yoga Sailing Trip

Wellness is back! Yogasailingtrip combines Hatha Vinyasa or Kundalini yoga with eco-conscious experiences and healthy catering. This catmaran trip will help you find your inner peace through meditation and will help you re-connect with nature as you surround yourself with extraordinary landscapes.

The original idea came from Romain Ferlet’s creativity as he mixed his passion for the outdoors and traveling. He organized & designed the sailing trips as a yoga retreat with his colleagues Andreas Pahel and Robert Lehmann. Currently, the trio have made Ibiza their home but who knows where their next adventure will take them as they are known to have sailed overseas to Croatia, Greece, Thaïland, Malaysia and Mexico.


Yogasailingtrip’s goal is to create happiness and uniqueness with their sailing retreats all over the Mediterranean: Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca, Croatia, Greece and many others.

Their retreats include a touch of wellness and thanks to their team of therapists and healers, you will be able to receive some of the best massages, either on board or on land.

The trip offers two daily outdoor yoga practices together with renowned yoga teachers and delicious & healthy vegetarian meals to feed your mind, soul & body. Explore Ibiza and discover the most unique secluded bays on the island all while having fun and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Let your dreams set sail as you get onboard this luxury catamaran for a once in a lifetime experience.  Build up your team of yogi sailors and get a special discount when booking in groups! Relax on the deck, dive into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, spend time exploring Formentera and enjoy some of the best sunsets.


Website: https://www.yogasailingtrip.com

Phone: +33 63 00 42 953

Email: contact@yogasailingtrip.co

Formentera Explorer

Are you looking for a luxury and panoramic view of all the sea and everything that surrounds it? Then book the Formentera Explorer as it offers a very particular Formentera sea expedition where you will find yourself among 2 hulls on an exclusive vessel. The expedition becomes a discovery with the help an expert biologist on board who will explain to you all there is to know about the Baleares islands.

During 6 hours you can explore the most hidden caves and beaches and learn more about the native species. In the summer season, the catamaran sails from Marina Botafoch for 10 hours to course the natural protected park S’Espalmador islet where you can finally abandon ship and jump into the waters.


While the expedition sets sail, find yourself free to chill on the deck and taste the delicious catering cooked specially for the passengers which feature their unique seafood or meat paella, fresh fruits, and a variety of drinks all included,

As you enjoy Formentera by sea or by land, your journey gets better as you sail by the Illetes beach, known as one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, where there is an obligatory stop to admire, swim, snorkel or even paddle surf.

Looking for more exclusivity?

Formentera Explorer can also be booked for a VIP experience. The VIP package will include lodging on Ibiza’s little sister island for privacy and personalized services.

Formentera Explorer started in 2017, founded by Toni Gar with the goal to show its clients a new way of getting to know the paradise Formentera is. Be ready for an excursion full of surprises as your adventure sets to depart from Ibiza.

Website: https://www.formenteraexplorer.com

Phone: + 34 60 54 49 863

Email: info@formenteraexplorer.com