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Aigües Blanques

Aigües Blanques

Aigües Blanques in the Ibizan language or Aguas Blancas in Spanish is a dream come true. Its name means white waters which explains the clarity of its turquoise sea and fine white sand.

It is among Ibiza’s few officially nudist beaches. Although in Ibiza, it is common to find nudists in some areas, ‘officially nudist’ means that there are freedom and tolerance for those who practice it.

Identity card:

Type: Sandy Beach

Aguas Blancas sits under cliffs, surrounded by woods of pine and juniper, it is not a very big cove, it is 300 meters long and 5 to 15 meters wide. Some areas are rocky but there is fine sand, mostly within and outside the water. This cove is part of the municipality of Santa Eulalia del Río, situated in the island’s northeast. It has the essential services of showers, toilets, restaurant, deckchairs and umbrellas.

  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Sunbeds
  • Parasols
  • Parking
  • Showers
  • Toilets

How to get there:

Geo: 39°059779 N / 1°589225 E

Aigües Blanques or Aguas Blancas can be reached from Ibiza City by car or scooter, at a distance of 27 km. Taking the taxi will cost a little over 40 euros.

By bus, you can go to Santa Eulalia town by taking the bus number L13 Eivissa-Santa Eulària. From there, take a taxi to Aguas Blancas for 20 euros.

By car or driving, take the road E-10 to Santa Eulalia town. Once you get to the town follow the road sign to Sant Carles town then follow the road sign to Cala Sant Vicent-Aigües Blanques. The road to Aigües Blancas is well sign posted. There is a parking lot that is a few minutes away from the beach.

Did you know?

Ibiza became a haven for the hippie culture in the sixties, with many young Europeans and Americans seeking a refuge on the island to share their sense of independence. Most of them settled in the village of San Carlos, in the northwest of the island. When they explored that area, they found the Aguas Blancas beach, which they opened as a nudist beach. This has since become a spot to experience the freedom to sunbathe and swim without clothes but with reverence.

What to see:

The most practical way to get to Aguas Blancas is by car, so you can visit the nearby beaches, such as the beautiful Cala Sant Vicent, a jewel of the Mediterranean, which also has interesting bars.

What to do:

What you should do in a place as isolated and wild as Aguas Blancas is to put your dive goggles and fins along the coast full of aquatic fauna as nature is more natural here. You can also relax, sunbathe, read, take a nap in one of the deckchairs for rent.

Where to eat:


Can Toni Mariano

There is one chiringuito in Aguas Blancas, a beach bar where you can ask for tapas, beer, tinto de verano, sandwiches and salads. It does not have a website, social media or telephone; you can’t book a table either but it’s open all day, every day during the summer.

On the road to Aguas Blancas is a locally-known Ibizan restaurant, Can Toni Mariano is in the center of the campo, a traditional house with gardens, grill, terrace and nature. You can try meat, Ibizan dishes, paella, olives, all the Mediterranean delights in a familiar atmosphere

Address: Carretera San Carlos Cala San Vicente Km 15, 07815. Sant Carles, Illes Baleares.

Opening Hours: Every day from 09:30 to 23:00

Phone: +34 971 33 50 71

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What about drinks, shops and hotels?

You can enjoy fresh beer, tinto de verano, sangría, wine, cocktails in the chiringuito in Aguas Blancas. Or you can travel a few kilometers to Cala Sant Vicent, following the road signs where there are several bars and restaurants, such as On The Beach Ibiza Chill-Out.

Ibizadvisor wishes to show you the holiday dwelling Apartamentos Aguas Blancas. Each apartment has a beautiful sea view terrace, free wifi, digital TV, kitchen and the villa has a pool and open natural areas.


If you want to sunbathe in Aguas Blancas, we recommend that you arrive early as the beach is under a cliff, after four o’clock in the afternoon there will probably be shade.