Located in a prime beachfront location in the center of the resort town of Playa den Bossa, Zazú Ibiza is the setting for culinary adventures, delicious flavors, signature cocktails and unforgettable moments.

Zazú Ibiza, the brainchild of three ambitious Valencian food lovers, has now opened its first branch in Ibiza. This new chapter in its evolution is a guaranteed temptation for tourists with its unique combination of haute cuisine, expert cocktails and unlimited fun.

Its jungle-inspired interior design, much of which is based on The Lion King movie, is lush, green and exuberant. With the blue waters of the sea and sandy beach exerting their pull beyond, it is the epitome of relaxed, casual dining.

The music at Zazú Ibiza features plenty of accessible British and European pop from the 80s and 90s. Every evening there is also a show starring a group of singers and dancers.

Zazú Ibiza prides itself on its great drinks menu with many expertly mixed cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails and sangrias plus an extensive wine list. As for food, their eclectic menu runs the gamut from fresh meats, fish and rice dishes (their Valencian specialties stand out), sushi and sashimi, salads, bowls and burgers, allowing you to explore a diverse and reasonably priced cuisine all under one roof.

Zazú Ibiza is the ideal place to spend a lovely time with friends or family savoring its high quality food and enjoying its special approach to the quintessential facet of Spanish food, “la sobremesa”. The letter is carefully designed to meet all the likes with a really tantalizing range of international food.

Open everyday from 10am to 3am.