Wild Beets was founded by Cliff Grubin as a natural progression from his juice bar,Sejuiced at Benirras Beach and his series of juice cleanses,iPurify.

Cliff has spent much of his life investigating, researching and experimenting with food in a quest to live an aware and healthy life. Coming to the realisation that the world of health and food is mired in confusion and misinformation Cliff designed Wild Beets as a place where people can experience healthy choices and find out more without sacrificing on flavour and enjoyment.

Wild Beets is where judgement is left at the door. An aversion to labels and dogma lets people get curious about what they eat and how it serves them without any discomfort or fear. We’re here to facilitate an awareness of the role food has in our lives and to create a place for conscious eating – and, of course, to serve up some deliciousness too!