We conceive the architectural space as an organic whole where the act of living is interpreted in an open manner thanks to the dialogue with the client. A place in which to live becomes a pleasure and daily life coexists with beauty. Our houses speak of the people who inhabit them, of their way of seeing life, of their cultural heritage. Languages ​​all of them distinct and plural that are mixed with the strongly expressive language of contemporary designers. A fusion around which, beyond fashion, a perfectly poetic personal universe is obtained.

We are passionate and good proof of this is our baggage of twenty years developing this work, exploring this trade. The VIVENDA team offers you all the experience gathered during these years to create a new and particular space, which you have seen and felt many times when you closed your eyes. The choice of suppliers has been made considering fundamentally the quality of their production and their effectiveness in the service.

We elaborate them by and for the person, because each one of us requires its own, particular and intimate scope. The constant dialogue with the client is, for this reason, our most valuable tool. Our proposal is based on contemporary design, mainly Italian and Spanish, to which we ask for functionality and aesthetic value at the same time. We have selected our furniture carefully, aware that these objects, intruders at the beginning, are meant to share the privacy of our customers for many years. Therefore, we require design to contribute to improve their quality of life.