Talaya Formentera was first opened in 1989.  For the founder, Manuel, it was a dream come true! After many ups and downs, in 2009 it was refurbished and redecorated to become what it is today : A great set of apartments and studios within the nicest surroundings, and right next to the most beautiful clear blue sea!
In these years our Palm trees, Ficus, Rosemary and Savinas have merged with the complex, to create a unique Oasis, a place which you will really enjoy.
We have have always said Talaya is “a little piece of paradise”, where to enjoy the sun, the moon, the sea, where to have fun, peace and love. and this is what we wish everybody who comes to Talaya, to have a wonderful time, to make them feel very comfortable and have everything they need. we want you to have a memorable experience in one of the most incredible islands of the mediterranean, la isla bonita, Formentera.