The last paradise lost in Ibiza. We are nature filled with nature. So it is, everything that can be told about the Sunset Ashram is not enough.

You have to come to check it, see it, believe it. Believe in nature that you represent, what you feel watching a sunset. It is a fusion of the inner nature and the environment.

Energy et Ashram. With the best products of the sea and with the best technique we serve some of the star in broad daylight, sun under the beach umbrellas, turquoise water, blind blue and white sand.

Cala Conta is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, with a horizon dotted with islands and an unforgettable sunset. Our Beach Bar sits on a rock that divides the beach in two.

Come and enjoy a relaxed self-service menu, full of flavor and with good music.

This is a message from Sunset Ashram. Feel it and give holidays to your intellect.