Break all the rules you want, but don’t skimp on the pasta. Pasta is king! Always. Regardless of what the sauce thinks. And pasta must be firm. Al dente. So each bite is perfect. So your teeth can sink into it…irresistibly. Accept no imitations. Don’t cut corners. Like everything in life, there’s a formula for a sublime bite. Experience it in our exclusive Sir Rocco beach club. Another delicious temptation from Ushuaïa by the shore.

And there’s more. Or less. Our menu is planned with the same care that goes into good pasta: the key is in the proportion. Nothing more. Nothing less. You’ll find a select variety of specialties like antipasti, salads, pastas, and fish and meat dishes, to assure the best quality. And total pampering. And the best ambiance. So after dinner conversation lingers. And laughter. And toasts. And the blue sea. The pleasure of the apparently simple. Make a reservation at Sir Rocco Beach Restaurant by Ushuaïa and enjoy the bella cosa far niente—the beauty of doing nothing.

La vita e bella. Isn’t it?