Tradicion Samar is the greatest culinary proposal, with its charming terrace located in the shade of the imposing walls of Dalt Vila.

Tradicion Samar is the perfect place to enjoy the best food you can find in a fisherman’s house.

Freshness and tradition are the main ingredients built into the concept that is Tradicion Samar with the aim of satisfying the most delicate and demanding palates.

Recover the adventurous spirit of the fishermen at sea and dare to enjoy the experience. Go to the window called “La Lonja” where you can hand pick what you want to enjoy at that very moment.

We prepare it for you with passion and dedication, at the hands of our great “marisquero”, with a family background in the trade dating back four generations.

Also take a look at our kitchen and enjoy watching the Sushiman Malcom,  our chef of Brazilian nationality elaborating delicious cebiches, tartares, sushis and seafood salads.