An oasis of delightful rhythm

Surrounded by high protective stone walls hides an oasis filled with a peaceful and delightful rhythm. It is in this magical place where you can live the hedonistic and amazing essence of the Island and enjoy the pleasures of life.

The patio is a pampered garden, unique from any other. Its harmonic beauty and world class gardening design is perceived, by many of their loyal and international customers, as their favourite spot in the world. Las dos Lunas provides setting for dinner guests in a long table for 20 people as well as for those who are looking to enjoy a romantic dinner in a softly-lit corner.

Many stories, anniversaries and anecdotes  have taken place under its grape vines, bougainvilleas and delicate  inspiring lights.

Las dos Lunas offers the irresistible flavors of this traditional cuisine with a compilation of the finest ingredients as well as the tastes of homecooked pastas and deserts with a mediterranean style.

The restaurant cultivates its own vegetable garden allowing freshness and quality of the ecological agriculture to be delivered directly to your dish.

Bread and focaccia are baked fresh daily in the wood fired oven located in a corner of the patio.