Port Balansat is located in front of the beach of Port de Sant Miquel. Our charming terrace is ideal to take refuge from the sun on the hottest days of summer in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, or to enjoy the soft Mediterranean breeze on the most romantic nights of the season.

In addition Port Balansat has a bright, pleasant and spacious interior room perfect for the days when time does not accompany.

The Port Balansat restaurant combines tradition, excellent sea products and the know-how of our chef to offer a delicious Mediterranean seafood cuisine. Local fresh fish and seafood are our hallmark. Our speciality are rices, fish and seafood. The most outstanding recipes are our Ibizan fish stews. The ‘Bullit de Peix’, fish in ‘Salmorra’ or the fish stew are essential to enjoy the traditional seafood recipe book of Ibiza.

The fish, always fresh and wild, is cooked in very different ways. Grilled, baked, salt, on the back. Our menu always suggests, depending on the season, the best of the Ibizan sea such as the red, “San Pedro” rooster, grouper, greater amber jack, dentex, red shrimp, lobster, oysters, clams, Norway lobster or monkfish, among others that are prepared in a traditional way .