The founders, in year 1971. They were the true pioneers in opening a pizzeria on the island.

The team was initially made up of Desmond King and Paolo Calavalle, and later on, in 1997, also Pedro Josa, who run the business on his own.
He has been the owner of the pizzeria up to his days.

Our pizzería has grown a lot through time, thanks to its wide gastronomic selection and pleasant treatment to our customers, as well as very affordable prices, in a way that it has become world-wide known.

At the beginning, our menu offered no more than ten different kinds of pizza, lassagna and spaghetti bolognese.  Then and up to these days, many new dishes have been successfully introduced into it,  becoming very popular among our customers.

Many of our customers have kept coming back for more than 30 years. Great followers of our cuisine and our company, they even share with their children their love for our tradition.

Exclusive dishes created by Pedro- and even copied by other restaurants in Ibiza, artisanal and cooked at once.