Dare and creativity come as a hotel to the bay of San Antonio.

We are located on the main avenue of San Antonio Bay, in an idyllic enclave near the best beaches on the island. Our hotel seeks to be scoundrel and transgressor, from the aesthetic approach to the content that we will develop within. We want to surprise you, seduce you and fall in love so that you return again and again to the Paradiso.

If there is something that blends perfectly with the sun, the beach and our extra size hotel beds then that something is a good meal, and for that matter, a good cocktail. We’ve redesigned all our catering options to suit every moment of the day, an exclusive menu tailored for those who are lying on our Dream Beds, a selection of Andy’s international dishes and of course, the best cocktails on the island.

Our hotel stands out for the huge content and experiences that you can live there. Tattoo yourself, go for a ride with a vintage Mustang car or buy a work of art. Be careful what you wish for because it’s possible that you find it at Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel.

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