Exciting new street food and Cocktail venue with stunning terrace views of the San Antonio port in Ibiza. Located port-side of the San Antonio egg.

On your way back from the beach, while you’re waiting for your sunset cruise, in the evening, mid-morning… Any time is good to take a break in Palapa and bite into a taco (even for breakfast!).

No room for selfishness: if you want to taste our tacos, you’ll have to share with your friends. And if you want to keep their hands off your tacos, even better: you’ll have to come back. We have all kinds of tacos: al pastor, cochinita pibil, roast beef, chicken tinga, sautéed vegetables and prawn. We also serve quesadillas, nachos, huevos rancheros and hot sauces if you like to live on the edge. Alternatively, our menu also includes hamburgers and pizzas for when you’re feeling a bit less daring…

Come to the San Antonio Promenade, share the best street food with your friends and spice up your day.