Are you looking for some healthy food in Ibiza ?

Ohana is one of the Ibiza restaurants you will really like.
Consider as one of the best of the island, Ohana is the perfect place for a clean healthy meal while enjoying an astonishing view on the sea. The restaurant is located in Ibiza town, near the famous Playa d’En Bossa.

Ohana’s specialty is POKE, something as simple as its name. Poke Bowls are one of the main dishes of traditional Hawaiian cuisine. It is composed of raw diced fish, served as a starter or as a main course, with a base of rice. You can add many different topics and sauces, that will help you make your very own meal.

With the use of raw and fresh ingredients only, Ohana Ibiza is the place to go if you want to enjoy fresh, healthy and simple food.