Sirloin that melts in the mouth, a good red wine, the best company. Could there possibly be a better way for a meat-eater to jumpstart the evening? We don’t think so, and therefore, at the Mountauk Steakhouse Ibiza, located in The Ushuaïa Tower, the coals are prepared and the knives sharpened every sunset. So you can enjoy the perfectly aged, top-quality meat cuts from Spain, England, and Alaska. We have all the ingredients for a first-rate gastronomical experience. All that’s missing is you.

At the Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza, everything is geared towards stimulating the appetite for meat. See for yourself in our climate-controlled display case, where the best domestic and international cuts of meat are an invitation to indulgence. And biting. All our meats are cured in our Himalayan salt chamber, kept at perfect temperature and humidity. At Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza, not everything is measured in terms of rare, medium and well done. We also give seafood like scallops, lobster, salmon, and bass centre stage….

Whether you have meat or fish, you’ll want seconds.