Markus is the soul of Chef Mark Gelman. Involved with food all his life, Mark has a chef’s degree from the Tadmor Culinary School in Israel that gave him an eye for authentic flavours and impeccable skills.

The Chef invites guests to sit together at long dining tables, to share and experience the diverse menu in traditional Ibizan style. Through the open kitchen, which is the heart of the restaurant, the guests can observe and participate as Chef Gelman and his team prepare and serve their vibrant fragrant creations.

Daily Selection, of the freshest produce, from local organic suppliers, is the medium the Chef uses to create his delicious masterpieces, ensuring that every day is prepared for bespoke, with plenty of one-offs and variations throughout the course of the meal, to surprise and delight the guests.

The tasting menu of contemporary European cooking bears many of the hallmarks of Chef’s extensive experience, with a strong focus on healthy combinations of fresh ingredients with an intriguing mix of distinct flavours.