The Poke recipe (word meaning “piece” in Hawaiian) has been changing over the years. The Japanese influence enriched it with soy sauce, wasabi, sesame oil, tofu and fish such as salmon or tuna.

But it has been adding more influences from the different countries that have been incorporating it into its cookbook. Even so, the basic ingredients are maintained.

It can be said that more than a dish with a specific recipe, the Poke (which is always served in a bowl) is a combination of three variable elements.

At the base we put white rice and then, raw fish such as tuna, bonito or salmon, marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, mixed with onion or chives. This is topped by placing a mixture of ingredients to taste: algae, avocado, cucumber, roe, sesame, chilli, chilli, pickled vegetables, etc.

Everything is good as long as it’s fresh.