The magic of Sydney and the idea of experimenting with a new catering format but in the energetic Ibiza : this is how JungleBowls was born. The passion of a boy who has broadened his horizons by traveling and bringing not only new experiences but also different culinary cultures.

A concept that links healthy eating to the use of fresh fish, vegetables, fruit and in general all those that can be defined as “super food”, simple, healthy and untreated ingredients. Sweet or savory, in a vegetarian and non-vegetarian version, our bowls are perfect for a healthy breakfast, a balanced meal or a quick but healthy break.

They are a winning fusion of Asian, Hawaiian and even Mediterranean cuisine, cleverly combined with good music and design, in a real corner of paradise. Not just food but a food experience, a mixture of traditional and innovative flavors in a welcoming green setting.

Our customers can build an infinite number of delicious combinations with the help of a professional service that constantly experiments to offer only the best.