Ibosim Brewhouse is where Ibosim Craft beers are made. It is the first microbrewery on the island of Ibiza and is located in the municipality of Sant Josep (Eivissa), next to the beach of Port des Torrent.

Ibosim Brewhouse has a tasting area serving up to 7 types of simultaneous draft beers and pairings with natural and Mediterranean cuisine. Guided tours with tastings and pairings are offered.

Ibosim was born in 2013 in the context of the first craft beers produced in Spain, based on the experience of several years of learning and experimentation in the world of beer.

The name of the brand emerges as a tribute to the Punic place name of Ibiza, which means “island of the god Bes”.

Unlike industrial beers, we elaborate all our recipes following the following criteria: Ingredients 100% natural, without additives, without filtering and with natural carbonation produced by a second fermentation in the bottle.

These 4 characteristics define our principles, always looking for the highest quality and offering a unique experience to the consumer with each beer.