Hotel Casbah Formentera is located at the very heart of rural Formentera, where the most pleasurable of experiences and sensations await. The hotel is surrounded by a luxuriant pine forest and has its own Mediterranean garden.

Located in an area of great ecological interest and exuberant countryside the corridors, gardens and small buildings of our hotel exude a real sense of peace and tranquillity.

Savouring its architecture one becomes immersed in a way of living that is unique to the island, the silence, the food, the sound of the cicadas, the heavy scent of pine and that multitude of sensations that can only be experienced by staying at our hotel, eating at our restaurant or celebrating a special event here.

All of these services together make for a unique, genuine and charming place in which to stay.

Hotel Casbah Formentera is set in the heart of a pine forest and consists of blocks of small, two-storey buildings. The architecture is organic and blends into the surrounding countryside making this a special place, where guests can immerse themselves in its relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.