The bay of San Antonio has not only a new club but also an entirely new clubbing concept. ESSIGI takes lovers of electronic music to a whole other level. Formerly known as Summum, the venue now takes a new twist.

This is a modern visual show attraction and nightclub designed for escape to other realities. Shaman start his rituals and open portal to other worlds during 6 hours electronic musical journey.

Absolutely massive techno progressive soundtrack with perfect synchronized high-quality trippy 3D graphics on high-resolution led screen and full-color laser show.

The original club brings Discoteca Experience into virtual reality, with a thousand leds lights, lasers and special effects. Unique in the world, the experience is designed to take you on a visual journey through stars, galaxies, space and other dimensions.

Special effects, animated creatures and rituals create a wondrous trip. This is an authentic story developed with respect to Ibiza island, mixed crazy with internet memes, science fiction and fantasy movies.

With 60 shows in six hours, this unique experience runs alongside an electronic music soundtrack produced exclusively for the show without DJs, but with Shaman.

A cyberpunk design and environment complete the sensory adventure together with a premium cocktail bar and vip service.

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