Ex Xarcu

An unspoiled cove. A dream spot in sandy little cove where boats can moor.

Our outdoor seating goes right to the water—tough to find no matter when you look, day or night.

Mariano Torres and wife Caridad Cabañero have, with a little help from the family, run Es Xarcu for over thirty years. A seaside joint famous for excellent ingredients and a signature style of simple yet authentic cuisine.

Restaurante Es Xarcu offers fresh-caught, locally-sourced fish (rotja, dentón, mero, gall de Sant Pere) baked traditionally. Throw in a personal touch and the result is one of a kind.

At Es Xarcu we’re famous for our fresh red prawns and our hand-carved Spanish ham.

A wide selection of wines means you can find the perfect accompaniment to any one of our specialty dishes, and what better place than the island’s last unspoiled paradise?