El Ayoun is the only enclave in the island where you can taste Moroccan food as well as the most exquisite Mediterranean and International food. But its exclusivity in this type of cooking is not what it transforms it in one of the most important restaurants in Ibiza.

Since its opening, El Ayoun has managed to adapt and develop at the rhythm set by its clients without forgetting the magical essence offered by the mixture of the Mediterranean and Arabic cultures.

An atmosphere that evokes the stories and tales of the Arabian Nights, it envelopes you in the mozarab influence when crossing its doors, transferring you to a faraway country whilst instantly transmitting the sensation of comfort and luxury.

Plays of light and color delight the eye. They adapt perfectly taking care and highlighting its décor, which is updated every season to surprise its most demanding guests.

Besides, its commitment to culture is reflected in its photographic and paint exhibitions that decorate the walls of El Ayoun, completing the journey we have been invited since we have crossed the doors.