It is an emblematic place to spend the summer afternoons in Ibiza. The Legendary Day Club, Bora Bora Ibiza, remains open since 1986.
A place as curious as magical and special, with the best music of the moment and a mixture of cultures and people that make up the atmosphere that is breathed.
Both on the terrace and inside, we will find people in swimsuits or dancing, with their sunglasses, in the rhythm of the music by the DJ until late night.
The rush is given by planes that land very close to the ground, above the runway, while people shout and raise their arms freely.
The lights of the island, with its magical colours, the beauty of the palm trees that surround the place, or something as simple as dancing barefoot near the sea, make you feel that you are in paradise.
Bora Bora Ibiza formed together with the Apartments Bora Bora, offer a unique and unforgettable stay of leisure in Ibiza.