Bambuddha is truly a reflection of the fascinating and inspiring, yet very complicated life of her founder John Moon. Every detail found in the village has a story of its own and every piece has been thoughtfully selected, collected and brought to Bambuddha from the world’s most distant places by John Moon on his endless travel adventures.

When it comes to the intense heat of the Ibiza summer, Bambuddha offers outdoor areas beneath the moonlight.

The MediterrAsian food village offers modern fusion recipes inspired by the ancient Spice Route from Spain, through Thailand, Vietnam to Japan.

A visit to Bambuddha, in the heart of Ibiza, is more than a meal, it’s an adventure for your imagination as well as your taste buds.

The venue boasts intimate bars, where you can sip on incredible cocktails, made with freshly prepared ingredients. “Flirtinis” and “Foreplays” amid ancient erotic artifacts and plush furnishings, to the sound of resident DJs. The outdoor oriental sanctuaries are perfect for balmy summer evenings and the Moonlight Lounge pagoda provides an exclusive setting for memorable VIP parties.