In the heart of the bay of San Antonio, ApertureTerrace has been a carefully guarded secret to enjoy the famous Ibiza sunsets.

A place where to disconnect with oneself, with friends and with people from all over the world.

Here time is relative, even before Einstein was born. The most important hours are sunrise, sunset and lunch, which coincidentally coincide with the hours when one is hungry. Here the oil is oil and the tomato is tomato.

That’s why on our menu there are no entrées or main courses. Everything is great here and you can eat whatever whenever you want. Remember that this is Ibiza.

There are no schedules in Ibiza, but the sun does. That’s why we tell you the exact time of each sunset this summer.

And for the plan to be perfect, choose your spot in Aperture Ibiza: from a table with spectacular sea views, a Balinese bed, a sunbed on the edge of the swimming pool or in our fantastic bar.